6 ways to stimulate plants root growth

Root growth is vital for plants growth.It’s responsible for the absorption of nutrients and water, as well as controlling the physiological activities of the aboveground organs.

stimulate root growth

6 ways to stimulate plants root growth


1.Adjust the soil pH of the plough layer

Unreasonable fertilization for many years leads to changes in the pH value of the plough layer, which is the root cause of today’s soil problems. Our recommendation is to use a special soil conditioner according to the actual situation after testing the pH of the plough layer.


2.Adding biological fertilizer

Such as Trichoderma harzianum,the application of biological fertilizer can improve the soil condition, they are suitable to be applied on soils problems with salinization,hardening and acidification.Significantly improve these soil condition and promote the growth of root system, and can control harmful bacteria and fungus or other organisms to reduce plants soil borne diseases, and increase plants the yield and quality.


3.Add organic matter

Organic matter is the top choice for fertile soil. Its role is to loosen and breathe, forming build soil crumb structure, retaining water and protecting fertilizer, increasing microbial activity and promoting root development.


4.Rational irrigation and drainage

It is recommended to adopt small water pouring or micro-irrigation or drip irrigation to protect thecrumb structure of the soil and facilitate root growth. For crops, rainy season drainage system is as important as the irrigation system, both to prevent flooding and to prevent dead roots.


5.Choose a functional product

Functional water soluble fertilizer contains humic acid or amino acid, which has positive significance for supplementing organic matter, improving ground temperature, improving soil permeability, improving fertilizer utilization rate, and promoting roots.


6.Cultivating loose soil

There is a proverb saying “There is water and fire under the hoe,” which means that the shovel (cultivating the soil) can improve the drought tolerance of the crop (with water) and effectively increase the ground temperature (with fire). Especially in the seedling stage of crops, root development is not yet complete, and cultivating loose soil is one of the indispensable measures to improve ground temperature, enhance soil permeability and promote root development.

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