Principle and Application of Straw Decomposing Agent

Straw Decomposing Agent can speed up the maturation of the straw and has a significant promotion effect on the improvement of organic matter. This article reviews the principle and application of straw decomposing agents, hoping to provide some reference for promoting the application of the straw decomposing agent.

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What is Organic Fertilizer For Plants?

As the level of sustainable agriculture is an important global issue. Organic fertilizers get more and more attentions.
What is organic fertilizer? After reading, you will know definition, types and pros &cons of organic fertilizer.

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Shanghai AgroChemEx Exhibition

Dora Agri is the professional supplier in agrochemicals field and attend Shanghai Agrochemex Exhibition every year.
Hot products: Plant Growth Regulators, Amino acid, Humic acid, Seaweed Extract.
Welcome to Meet you at Agrochemex exhibition.

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