What is Organic Fertilizer For Plants?

As the level of sustainable agriculture is an important global issue. Organic fertilizers get more and more attentions.
What is organic fertilizer? After reading, you will know definition, types and pros &cons of organic fertilizer.

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How To Promote Root Growth

What promotes root growth and How to promote? Apply Essential Nutrients, Use root stimulant hormones, microbial biofertilizers, and scientific management.

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What’s Soil Salinization

What’s Soil Salinization? Soil salinization is one of the most vital soil problems for agricultural production. After reading, you will know how what cause Soil Salinization and how to prevent.

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Humic Acid Benefits for Plant and Soil

Humic acid is a mixture of natural organic macromolecular matters, it had good effect on improving soil condition, increasing plant resistance ability to stress and cell wall permeability.

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What’s Root-Knot Nematode?

Root-knot nematodes is one of the most economically damaging genera of plant-parasitic nematodes on field crops. Keep reading you will know how to distinguish.

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Damages of nematodes on turf

Many growers have recognized an increase in the incidence of turf damage caused by nematodes attacks. After reading, you will easy to deal with these problems.

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New Chance Nematicides Market

Nematicides helps in securing crops from nematodes as well as various other soil-dwelling pests. Keep reading, you will know the new chance for nematicide market

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