6 kinds most damaging dieases in watermelon growing

There are some disease during watermelon plantation,especially in the old melon area where continuous cropping.Recently,many farmers have consulted about the problems related to watermelon disease.Here we sort out watermelon diseases identification and hope it is useful to everyone.



Occurrence period: mainly harm unseeded and freshly emerged seedlings.

Identification points: stem base rot, seedlings tripped, white hyphae when high humidity.


Anthracnose symptoms of watermelon at seedling stage


anthracnose of watermelon on leaf
Anthracnose symptoms of watermelon on leaf


Anthracnose of watermelon on fruits
Anthracnose symptoms of watermelon on fruits


Occurance period: whole growth period

Identification point:1.leaf, brown spotted,slightly depressed,yellow external halo,unaffected by veins, perforated when dry.  2.Fruit,The lesion starts dark green and becomes dark brown,and cracks can occur.


downy mildew on watermelon
downy mildew on watermelon


Occurence period: late growth period

Identification point: lesion becomes from light green to yellow, and then brown, restricted by veins, mildew when wet.


Watermelon blight on seedling
Watermelon blight on seedling
blight watermelon on leaf
Blight watermelon on leaf


Occurence period:whole growth period

Identification point: 1.Leaf, from the edge of the leaf, it starts as hot water boil, and the handle is fragile at the later stage.2.Fruit, shrinkage and rot, with stench, white mold.


Sclerotinia on watermelon
Sclerotinia on watermelon


Occurence period:Extension period, fruit period

Identification point:The diseased part produces white flo.,black rat fecal nucleus.


bacterial speck on watermelon
bacterial speck on watermelon


Occurence period:whole growth period

Identification:The early stage of the lesion is light yellow with yellowish haloes.The middle part of the dark brown middle stage is perforated, and when the humidity is high, the white fungus is thick.


How to control watermelon dieases caused by fungus or bacteria ?

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