Dora Synergia,Strong water absorption and Excellent biodegradability

Water absorption characteristics

Because Dora Synergia is easily soluble in water,it has good water absorption characteristics.Some scholars have studied the water-absorption properties of this material,and the results showed that the maximum water absorption capacity can reach 1108.4 times,which is more than 1 times higher than the polyacrylic acid-based water-absorbing resin currently available on the market,and the absorption rate of soil moisture is 30-80 times.Dora Synergia aqueous solution has a certain degree of water retention and an ideal release effect in the soil,and has obvious anti-drought and seedling promoting effects.

Under the simulated osmotic stress of 0.206mol/L PEG (6000), Dora Synergia still has strong water absorption and water retention capacity,which can significantly increase the germination rate of wheat and ryegrass,direct seed dressing can also significantly increase the seed germination rate.The water absorption and water retention of Dora Synergia can make it widely used in water conservation in desert areas and desert greening.


Dora Synergia’s excellent biodegradability and strong water absorption

It shows its great potential for application in agriculture.Since there is less water in deserts and water-deficient areas, it is difficult for plant seeds to germinate, and it is difficult to afforest.Dora Synergia is a highly water-absorptive material that provides ideal seed coating materials for the greening of desert and dry areas.The seeds which are treated with Dora Synergia and grown in the desert and in dry areas can germinate quickly and the results are ideal.

Tests have shown that 1 to 3 days after seed-soaking with Dora Synergia can increase the germination rate,seed vigor and shorten the emergence time of tobacco seeds.The activities of seed amylases,peroxidases and catalase after treatment were increased to varying degrees compared to the control.Treatment of seeds with 0.20 g/L Dora Synergia had the best effect for 1 day.Because of its good biodegradability,Dora Synergia is ideal for agricultural or greening projects and avoids pollution.

When use fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, insect repellents, etc., adding an appropriate amount of Dora Synergia can extend the residence time of these drugs on the surface of the affected object, and it is not easy to be brushed off due to dryness and rain.

Mixing Dora Synergia with cultivated soil in a certain proportion can not only reduce the number and cost of irrigation, but also improve soil pellet structure, thereby improving soil water retention, water permeability and air permeability, reducing the temperature difference between day and night, and improving the quality of soil, and increasing crop yields.


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