How to fix root rot ?

Root rot is a disease caused by fungi, which causes root rot, and the function of absorbing water and nutrients gradually weakens. Finally, the whole plant dies.The main performance is that the whole plant leaves yellow and withered.

how to fix root rot

How to fix root rot?

1. Selected seeds: select and refine the nursery plot. Select high-quality varieties.

2. Seedbed soil disinfection, soil disinfection can be carried out using low-toxic chemical agents.

3. Intensive cultivation of fine land, careful cultivation of strong seedlings, try not to damage the roots during transplantation, carefully organize, to ensure that no water is accumulated, and the base fertilizer is applied.

4. After planting, according to the temperature change, watering should be timely and appropriate to prevent evaporation of water on the ground, transpiration of seedlings, and isolation of viral infection.

5. Spraying phosphate fertilizer in the flower bud stage, young fruit stage and fruit expansion stage respectively, enhancing the nutrient matching function of the plant, making the fruit stalk thicker, promoting the healthy growth of the plant and enhancing the disease resistance.

6. Microbial prevention.
Such as bacillus subtilis,it’s used exclusively on the soil,It can fix nitrogen, dissolve phosphorus and dissolve potassium. It can make full use of nitrogen in the air and produce corresponding enzymes and acids through the growth and metabolism of beneficial bacteria. It can be used for the poorly soluble phosphorus in the soil. Potassium is decomposed to facilitate plant absorption. Plants are “strong” to enhance disease resistance and have a significant effect on preventing vegetable root rot.
Trichoderma harzianum is also a good choice,it have good effect on improve soil structure,and control soil diseases by fungus.


If you have the experience of how to fix root rot,please kindly leave your commnets here.Thanks.

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