5 reasons to use natural fertilizer

Natural fertilizer is fertilizer made from naturally occurring plant and animal products. Some natural fertilizers contain the same nutrients as synthetically produced fertilizers. Other natural fertilizers contain much more than synthetic fertilizers, or different types of plant-boosting elements. If you currently use synthetic fertilizers, here are Five reasons to switch to natural fertilizer.

1) Natural fertilizer is made from plant or animal parts, and not from a chemical reaction. The chemical reaction to artificially produce synthetic fertilizers uses a huge amount of energy-mostly from carbon-producing fossil fuels. (The myth that synthetic fertilizers are made from fossil fuels is just that-a myth; however, the energy used to produce them is a source of pollution.)

2) Natural fertilizers contain less active ingredient than synthetic fertilizers, making it less likely that gardeners will over-apply and cause nutrients to leach into groundwater. The active ingredients in natural fertilizers are “fully chelated” so they are available for immediate uptake by plants, further reducing the risk of polluting groundwater.

3) Seaweed fertilizers, one type of natural fertilizer, contains many micro-nutrients needed for plant growth that synthetic fertilizer formulas do not contain. Micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, iron, copper, boron and molybdenum are just as important to plant growth as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, but most standard fertilizers do not contain these nutrients.

4) Natural fertilizers are not salts, as synthetic fertilizers are. Natural fertilizers are less likely to burn your plants if you over-apply by mistake. Applying synthetic fertilizers can cause plant stress if the plants have experienced a dry spell and are under stress. Natural fertilizers will not cause the plants stress.

5) Most natural fertilizers are made from renewal resources-especially the seaweed based natural fertilizer. While synthetic fertilizers are produced in labs, the energy used to produce them is not generally from renewable sources.

Aside from the lowered environmental impact of natural fertilizers, they are great choices for gardeners because they provide more balanced nutrition for plants, resulting in healthier plants overall.

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