Dora Bacillus licheniformis

Bacillus licheniformis biomaterial control pathogens, stimulate root growth and help crop build a better root system.

Product Description

I. Product Composition

Bacillus licheniformis

II. Role of Function

1. The strain has strong adaptability and can be rapidly colonized and propagated in the roots of crops to adjust the soil microecological balance.

2. The strain secretes photostimulation hormone around the rhizosphere of the crop and promotes root growth. At the same time, the root exudates can
provide nutrients for the growth of the strain and can effectively promote the growth of the crop.

3. The strain can form a layer of biofilm on the root surface to protect the root system from pathogen infection.

4. The application of the inoculum can effectively improve the resistance of the crop and improve the ability to resist freezing and cold.

5. It can effectively increase the crop yield, increase the VC content and sugar content of the fruit, and improve the quality and taste of the fruit.


III. Usage and dosage

The fungicide can be added in any ratio with the organic material carrier to produce bio-organic fertilizer, which is added per ton of bio-organic fertilizer; it can also be combined with organic fertilizer as base fertilizer. It can also be used for irrigation and irrigation.

IV. Scope of Application

Food crops, facilities, vegetables, garden flowers, tea, etc., are particularly
suitable for the cultivation of green pollution-free cash crops.

Do not use together with fungicides.

V. Storage Conditions

Store in a cool dry place.


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