Bacillus Methylotrophicus

Dora Agri is the leading supplier of Bacillus methylotrophicus which is a new, efficient, environmentally friendly biocontrol product with excellent environmental compatibility and high biological.

bacillus methylotrophicus

Bacillus methylotrophicus is a new, efficient, environmentally friendly biocontrol product with excellent environmental compatibility and high biological. It’s a plant endophyte isolated from vegetable rhizosphere soil

It has strong bactericidal activity against the pathogenic bacteria of gray mold and is harmless to the human body, livestock, and the environment. Years of field experiments have shown significant effects in controlling verticillium wilt of cucumber and tomato, and verticillium wilt of cotton and apple.

Metabolic products of bacillus methylotrophicus are diverse. The metabolites with antibacterial ability after research are mainly antibacterial proteins, antibacterial peptides, proteases, cellulase, β-1,3-glucanase, ferrophilin, etc. Inhibit tomato early blight pathogens, pear black spot pathogens, tomato gray mold pathogens, tomato bacterial wilt pathogens, cucumber anthracnose, rhizoctonia solani, cucumber fusarium wilt, and other plant pathogenic fungi.

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AppearanceLight brown powder

Mode of Action

1. Competition

Bacillus methylotrophicus, as a biocontrol bacteria of the genus Bacillus, its main competition functions are nutrition competition and site competition.

2. Antagonism

Antagonism is mainly caused by bacillus methylotrophicus by producing various antibacterial metabolites to inhibit the growth of plant pathogenic bacteria or directly kill them. At present, the antagonistic effects of antibacterial peptides, proteases, and cellulase are the most common.

3. Induced resistance

When plants are induced by substances secreted by B. methylotrophicus, they will induce resistance. A series of signal transduction and substance metabolism changes will occur in the body. For example, the level and activity of self-defense enzymes will increase significantly, and the disease resistance mechanism will be enhanced.

Application of Bacillus Methylotrophicus

1. As a fertilizer additive, use 1-2kg / ton fertilizer;
2. As a biological bacterial fertilizer, it can be applied by spraying or irrigation.
3. As a fungicide, the amount used is 375-450 grams per hectare. Users can adjust the amount appropriately according to the specific situation.


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