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Dora AlgaPower (seaweed extract) derived from fresh seaweed(Laminaria Japonica), which contains alginic acid, organic matter, high content of potassium, amino acid, microelements, and natural plant hormones. Dora AlgaPower is a non-toxic and non-polluting biostimulant.


Total nitrogen (N)≥0.5%Alginic acid8~15%
Organic matter≥50%Phosphorus (P2O5)≤0.1%
Potassium (K2O)≥18%


How does Dora AlgaPowder work?


seaweed extract


Why we choose Dora AlgaPower?

1. Prevent or correct potassium deficiencies.
2. Prevent excess phosphorus.
3. Help the absorption of trace elements.
4. Supply organic matter.
5. Improve the yields and promote the quality of fruit.

How to use Dora AlgaPower?


Foliar spray: Diluted by 1:2000-3000
One picking crops: Apply 3-4 times in the growing period
Several picking crops: Apply after each picking
Drip irrigation: Diluted by 1:2500-3000, apply 3-4 times in the growing period. Dosage: 1.5-3kg/ha


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