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Bacillus Subtilis Fungicide

Dora Agri is a leader in the supplier of bacillus subtilis fungicides products in China. We are growing into a continuable agricultural company dedicated to research, manufacture, and marketing of environmentally organic products for agricultural growth and sustainability.

Dora Bacillus Subtilis(100 billion) can be used as Microbial Fungicide and Biofertilizer, increase crop growth, and stress/disease resistance.

The microbial products on this page are intended solely for theoretical agricultural research purposes. At present, Dora Agri does not offer these products for sale, and the links with specification provided are for purchaser reference only. Should you have an interest in exploring our other bio-stimulant products, please proceed to home page.

From 2010, we are a leader in the supplier of bacillus subtilis fungicide products in China. We are growing into a continuable agricultural company dedicated to research, manufacture, and marketing of environmentally organic products for agricultural growth and sustainability. 

If you have demands to buy bacillus subtilis fungicide for plants, please feel free to email us at or Whatsapp us.

What's Bacillus Subtilis Fungicide

Bacillus subtilis pesticide is known as the hay bacillus or grass bacillus. It’s prevalent in soils and has been found in a variety of habitats worldwide. It presents in the spore form.
Due to the following characteristic of Bacillus Subtilis Fungicide, it’s widely used in agriculture.
  • Eco-friendly Diseases management 
  • Stimulate plant growth 
  • Easily adaptation in various environmental conditions
Bacillus subtilis biopesticide can produce and release beneficial natural substances such as auxins, cytokinins, and gibberellins to promote plant growth.
And Bacillus subtilis fungicide also has many applications in plant protection against phytopathogenic attacks. It can not only act as a microbial pesticide to control plant diseases but also used as biofertilizer, increase crop growth & yields.


AppearanceYellow Brown PowderSpores Count1*1011 CFU/G
Solubility95%Shelf Life2 years

Bacillus Subtilis Uses in Agriculture

Biocontrol Agents for Diseases

The application of Bacillus subtilis fungicide in agriculture is known to be antagonistic toward many plants’ harmful pathogens.
This antagonism may be achieved in several ways, including nutrient competition, site exclusion, colonization, and attachment of the bacteria to the fungal pathogen.
Also, Bacillus subtilis products could induce a plant’s natural systemic resistance or systemic acquired resistance(SAR) against various pathogens, including bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The most common is powdery mildew.

Antibacterial Substances Secreted by Bacillus Subtilis Include:
②Protein antibacterial substance
③Phenolic substances

The Mechanism to Inhibit the Pathogen
① Inhabit the synthesis of the cell wall of pathogenic bacteria and damage the cell membrane
② Acting on the protein synthesis system of pathogenic bacteria, hindering protein synthesis
③ Working on the energy metabolism system, so that the fungus cannot produce spores
④ Accelerate the germination of plant seeds and enhance the plant’s own disease resistance

bacillus subtilis fungicide

Crop Growth Stimulater

  • Induce plant stress resistance
  • Promote root growth
  • Improve soil condition
  • Increase fertilizer use efficiency

1. Promote Plant Growth. Bacillus subtilis pesticide can secrete active substances that promote plant growth, synthesize α-amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, and other enzymes by itself, and cooperate with other enzymes in plants. At the same time, through self-synthesis of B1, B2, B6, niacin, and other B vitamins, promote plant growth and development, promote crop growth, and help increase yield.

2. Improve Soil Structure. The improvement of soil by Bacillus subtilis is mainly manifested in regulating soil nutrients, changing the structure of soil microbial flora, and decomposing soil residual pesticides. The application of Bacillus subtilis can significantly increase the content of soil alkaline nitrogen and available phosphorus, available potassium, and total potassium. Organic matter, an important indicator of soil fertility, can also be significantly increased with the increase of the amount of inoculant under the action of Bacillus subtilis, thereby improving and regulating the nutrients in the arable layer and conducive to the supply of nutrients required for crop growth.

3. Improve Crop Quality. After Bacillus subtilis fungicide colonizes the soil, it will produce a large number of plant hormones and organic acids, stimulate the growth of the root system, improve soil quality, promote crop physiological metabolism, and form a benign plant-soil-microbial ecosystem to effectively improve crop quality.

4. Used for Straw Decomposing Inoculant. To speed up and improve the process and quality of compost rot, organic material rot agents are usually added during the composting process. Bacillus subtilis, as a highly effective organic material decomposing agent, is widely used in the treatment of organic waste.

Bacilis subtilis on strawberry
bacillus subtilis use as fertilizer
bacillus subtilis application

Other Applications

1. Bacillus subtilis is a probiotic species commonly added in animal feed. It is added to animal feed in the form of spores. Bacillus subtilis can play its probiotic properties after resuscitating and increasing in the animal intestine, including improving the animal intestinal flora, enhancing the body’s immunity, and providing a variety of animal required enzymes, etc., which can make up for the lack of animal-derived enzymes, Promote the development of animals.

2. Applying Bacillus subtilis in aquaculture is non-toxic to aquatic animals. In aquaculture, it is used to purify water and improve water quality, inhibit excessive reproduction of harmful algae, eliminate bottom siltation. It can also be used as feed additives for aquatic animals. Bacillus subtilis added to fish feed can improve the gastrointestinal function of fish, improve feed utilization, improve meat quality, promote growth.

Notice of Bacillus Subtilis Fungicide

1. Dora Bacillus subtilis fungicide products can be applied when the temperature is under 40℃. Avoid too high temperatures. And 30℃ is the best temperature for its application.
2. Avoid strong sunshine, apply it in the evening of a sunny day or full day of the cloudy day will achieve the best product performance.


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