Dora Fresoil

Dora Fresoil is a multi-effect soil & root amendment. Its high content of organic matter can keep the soil loose and breathable, the multi-microbial formula helps inhibit soil-borne pathogens and enrich beneficial microbes. More importantly,no chemical additives!


  • Containing high content of organic matter & microbes
  • High water solubility, easy to apply
  • No chemical additives, no residue


  • Overcome soil compaction & maintain pH balance
  • Inhibit soil-borne pathogens, balance soil flora
  • Enrich soil beneficial microbes, protect rooting area

How to use

(Sprinkling/Drip) Irrigation: Apply 3-5KGS Dora Fresoil per hectare. Generally, apply at soil treatment, seedling, vegetative growth stage.

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