Dora Fresoil

Dora Fresoil contains beneficial soil and root microorganisms (including Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus) and organic matter(Humic acid).

Dora Fresoil contains beneficial soil and root microorganisms (including Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus). These ingredients are specially selected because they have a good effect on soil structure and fertility.

In addition to beneficial root microorganisms, Fresoil also contains organic matter necessary for soil to build a stable soil micro-ecological environment, act as a soil pH buffer, and provide a carbon food source for rhizosphere microorganisms.

Dora Fresoil is a multi-effect soil & root amendment. Its high content of organic matter can keep the soil loose and breathable, the multi-microbial formula helps inhibit soil-borne pathogens and enrich beneficial microbes. More importantly,no chemical additives!

What can Dora Fresoil do

Once you start using Fresoil, you can continue to keep plants healthy and growing because it contains a combination of microorganisms and organic matter, which will provide a self-sustaining soil ecosystem and actively reproduce. In addition, this fast-dissolving and easy-to-use powder has a wide range of uses, can be used for multiple purposes, and has a long shelf life.

Through our organic bio fertilizers, we can help users grow the most profitable and healthy plants. We care about the fertility of our planet and soil, so all our fertilizers and supplements are made of natural ingredients.

Tip: Dora Fresoil should be part of an ongoing preventive maintenance and soil improvement program.


Test Items




Black Brown Powder

Black Brown Powder

Effective Bacteria(CFU/g)

20 Billion

22 Billion

Mixed Bacteria Rate(%)



Humic Acid(%)



















Strengthen: Plant respiration, Photosynthesis; Promote cell division and lateral bud development and delay the aging process.
Reduce: Use of chemical fertilizers, the demand for pesticides, the losses caused by drought, severe cold, and rainy conditions.
Features: Buffer the damage of biotic and abiotic stress to plants and promote healthy growth of crops.

Dora Fresoil contains Trichoderma harzianum and Bacillus series to increase plant resistance, promote its growth, improve soil fertility, expand nutrient supply and root growth. It is used as a supplement to organic fertilizers to obtain more trace elements. Fresoil is also an excellent food source for soil microorganisms. It can be used in all kinds of plants, including fruits. It is used in all stages of plant growth.

How to use

(Sprinkling/Drip) Irrigation: Apply 3-5KGS Dora Fresoil per hectare. Generally, apply at soil treatment, seedling, vegetative growth stage.


On 2021, Dora Agri used Dora Fresoil on potato farming. Apply Dora Fresoil at the beginning of planting, use twice in 10 days interval. Effectively promote the growth of potato seedlings, prevent the occurrence of disease, reduce the use of pesticides, reduce the overall planting cost  

Field trial of Dora Fresoil
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