Dora Fruit setting

Product Description



General Information
Dora fruit setting contains sodium nitrophenolate which can infiltrate rapidly into plant body, It can enhance immunity of  the plant and the capacity against adverse circumstances such as drought,flood and coldness even freezy injury,etc.It also can increase the quality of fruits.


Main ingredient
5-nitroguayacollate sodium
2-nitrophenol sodium
4-nitrophenol sodium


1.Promote the rate of the pollen germination and the speed of elongation of the pollen tube,increase the rate of setting fruit.
2.Promote the absorption of the nutrition,enhance the immunity of the plant.
3.Compound with the fertilizer.


Application Instruction
It is a fertilizer synergist.After mixing with fertilizer,it can increase the absorption of the nutrition,and make it have a good effect.
It can also mix with insecticide and fungicide.



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