Dora Trapest

Dora Trapest is a convenient and flexible solution to lepidopteran pests. Even in the case of high pest and disease stress, the effect can still be significant in a variety of climates.

It aims to optimize the grower’s pest control experience, providing first-rate early insect protection, while promoting the growth of improved crops, thereby increasing yields.

  • Filtered strains that control pests.
  • High water solubility, easy to use.
  • No chemical additives.
  • Quick effects on pests control in 5 days.
  • Slow down pests’ nibbling activities.
  • Long-term infection ability to pests.

Dora Trapest is a high-efficiency natural bioinsecticide target for lepidopteran larvae and safe for beneficial insects at the adult stage, including bees. Provides durable insect control both above and below ground. Compatible with IPM system. Quick effect in 5 days, it can slow down pest activities, nibble and spread the infection among pests. No side effects and resistances by using Dora Trapest.

Dora Agri specializes in the development and commercialization of microbial products to provide sustainable solutions for specific goals. In the agricultural sector, Dora Agri helps maximize the value of crops by providing microbial pesticide solutions for target pests, while minimizing the risks to beneficial harm and the environment.


Mode of action: Dora Trapest has a variety of strategic modes of action. It acts on the nervous system of insects and causes paralysis of lepidopteran pests. Pests will also infect each other. Greatly improve the efficiency of insecticide.

  • Dora Trapest provides the best control of various lepidopteran pests that cause damage to important vegetables, fruits, and flowers.
  • Because of its contact and systemic mode of action, it is lethal to the early stages of lepidopteran pests.
  • Dora Trapest has obvious effects on Lepidoptera larvae. It penetrates and is absorbed by the insect’s body surface, thereby affecting the nervous system, leading to paralysis and ultimately death. 


Range of Application

Dora Trapest controls the lepidopteran pests or diseases: Euproctis pseudoconspersa, Tea geometrid, Clania minuscula Butler, Iragoides fasciata Moore, Gypsy moth, Ascotis selenaria, Cydia pomonella, Peach fruit moth, Adoxophyes orana, Soybean pod borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, Rice stem borer, Rice leaf folder, Rice leaf folder, Prodenia litura, Plutella xylostella, Cabbage caterpillar

Target Crop




Chinese cabbage




American Ginseng



Greenhouse vegetables

Herbs and spices






Sea buckthorn




Sprinkling irrigation / Foliar spray: Apply 1.2 KG Dora Trapest per hectare with 960L-1200L water, apply several times at 7-10 days interval. The effect will be better when used at dusk.

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