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Dora Agri about us

Dora Agri is one of the foremost sustainable agronomic solutions providers in china.

We believe it’s the only correct way in agriculture to work with “mother nature” to promote balance and synergy between crops and soil. It’s basic of modern agriculture to re-build good balance between crops and nature.

Our Dora Agri researches and markets inputs that help growers:

  • Increase yields & quality of crops
  • Bio-solutions to control plants diseases
  • Soil remediation & build healthy soil environment

Dora Agri Market Route

Dora agri Market Network

Everyyear, Dora Agri spend 30% of our sales profits on Research & Development for products and setting up our dealers.

Every farmers & dealers both wishes to have a good harvest. How to achieve this goal ? We think the top quality & effect fertilizer is the most essential. If you agree with my points, welcome to join our team.

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