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Phytotoxicity: Definitions, Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Phytotoxicity refers to the toxic effects of various chemical substances on plant health, growth, and development. In simple terms, it is damage to plants caused by exposure to toxic compounds and materials in their environment. Phytotoxicity can be induced by a wide range of natural and synthetic substances, both organic and inorganic. Some common causes

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What’re Symptoms of Powdery Mildew on Plants

Most of us are familiar with powdery mildew,from field to greenhouse,from vegetable garden to orchard garden.Once the crop is infected with powdery mildew,it is rapidly developed and difficult to remove, often causing serious problems.

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Calcium Deficiency Symptoms In Plants

When a plant is deficient in calcium, symptoms such as new roots, apical buds, and fruits that grow vigorously and young are first observed, and when it is light, the symptoms are withered and necrosis occurs.

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Why Boron deficiency need to pay more attention??

Boron is a trace element that plays an important role in tomato growth. Because it is an important component of plant cells, it has antioxidant function and plays an important role in plant reproduction, increasing tomato yield and quality.

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