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Biochar-Vermicompost-Humic Acid Soil Conditioner Program

Biochar, vermicompost, and humic acid are soil improvement materials with high economy, simple production, and environmental friendliness that have attracted attention in recent years. Biochar has porous characteristics and a large specific surface area, which is conducive to soil water accumulation, porosity, and bulk density, thereby providing a good environment for plant growth, which has

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What’s Soil Salinization

What’s Soil Salinization? Soil salinization is one of the most vital soil problems for agricultural production. After reading, you will know how what cause Soil Salinization and how to prevent.

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What’s the Soil Crumb Structure

Crumb structure is a type of soil structure in which the structural units or peds have a spheroidal or crumb shape.Crumb structure is often found in more porous than granular organo-mineral surface soil horizons,and provides optimal pore space for soil fertility.

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What’s key problems about soil?

What’s the key problem about soil? Soil hardening,imbalance of mineral nutrition ratio,Low organic matter content,Thinner plough layer,Soil acidification…Let’s go into these problems

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