Biostimulants Market Breakdown, Development & New Market Opportunities & Forecasts

Biostimulants are applied to the soil, plants, seeds, and other substrates for stimulating the natural processes of plants, which are intended to improve the nutrient use efficiency of plants. Biostimulants enhance the crop quality, crop vigor, and crop yield as well as crop tolerance to the abiotic stress. Biostimulants contain various formulations of microorganisms, substances,

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New Chance Nematicides Market

Nematicides helps in securing crops from nematodes as well as various other soil-dwelling pests. Keep reading, you will know the new chance for nematicide market

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Newest restriction of pesticide in EU

From 2019/1/1,the EU will formally prohibit the sale of 320 pesticides containing chemically active substances,including 62 varieties of pesticides being produced,used.and sold in China

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