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Challenges & Responses To The Global Biostimulant Supply Chain In Geopolitical Conflicts

The global supply chain of biostimulants is facing significant challenges due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the conflict between Israel and Iran, and other factors. Since 2024, the export of bio-stimulant products such as amino acids, seaweed extracts, and humic acid (fulvic acid) in China has been affected by unclear classification with fertilizers, requiring a month-long

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What Should The Future of Agriculture Be Like?

The world’s population is approaching 8 billion, and agriculture faces huge challenges in feeding this growing population. Climate change, dwindling resources and increasing restrictions on crop protection products further complicate the situation. In this harsh environment, the agriculture and food industries must innovate to meet demand while reducing their carbon footprint. The European Commission has

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Biostimulants: Features, Benefits and Applications

Biostimulants are substances applied to plants or soils to enhance crop vigor, yields, quality, and stress tolerance. Unlike fertilizers that provide essential nutrients, biostimulants work by stimulating natural processes and enhancing nutrient uptake and use efficiency. Biostimulants can be derived from various organic materials including seaweed extracts, plant extracts, microbial inoculants, humic and fulvic acids,

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New Chance Nematicides Market

Nematicides helps in securing crops from nematodes as well as various other soil-dwelling pests. Keep reading, you will know the new chance for nematicide market

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Newest restriction of pesticide in EU

From 2019/1/1,the EU will formally prohibit the sale of 320 pesticides containing chemically active substances,including 62 varieties of pesticides being produced,used.and sold in China

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