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Organic Compost Starter
Organic Compost Starter

Microbial Compost Starter: It is a complex flora composed of various natural beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeasts, and actinomycetes. It has extremely strong fermentation and decomposition capabilities. Compost Starter can accelerate the decomposition of difficult-to-decompose organic matter and produce real organic humus.

Used in Compost: Compost activator can speed up the composting process and break down complex organic matter into highly effective fertilizers.

Complete the “deodorization”, “decomposing”, “sterilization” and nutrient conversion processes of organic materials to achieve harmless treatment of various chicken manure, pig manure, cattle and sheep and other livestock and poultry manure, and plant debris. , domestic waste, and other organic materials.

Directly Used in Soil: Decomposes residual pesticides and herbicides in the soil and releases bound nutrients in the soil. This allows plants to obtain nutrients in a simpler, more absorbable form.

Dora Agri has more than ten years of experience in screening and applying beneficial soil microorganisms. We are better at “maintaining the balance of a variety of microbial mixtures”, “how to keep microorganisms in a dormant state before use”, and have the capabilities of commercial production and storage.

If you are interested in our compost starter or want to customize microbial formulations in bulk, please contact us.

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