Dora Comprehensive Field Trial Progress

2022 Field Trial Plans

1. Muskmelon

Colonization: Root irrigation Chitosan oligosaccharides + Dora Polytite
Growth Period: Spraying Chitosan oligosaccharides + Dora Polytite
Before Flowering: Root-irrigation with Dora Arousee Ca Mg
Fruit Expansion StageRoot-irrigation with Dora Arousee Ca Mg

2. Agropyron Cristatum

Comparison of Growth Promotion Tests

  1. MultiBac– Foliar Spray
  2. Dora Releaf (Fish Protein +Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Seaweed)
  3. Dora Arouse(Alginate oligosaccharide)

3. Color Pepper

Comparison of Stress Promoting Growth

  1. Dora KelpReal Powder & Liquid

4. Lettuce Resistance

Comparative trial of drought, flooding, and salt stress on lettuce

  1. Dora Arouse
  2. Dora KelpReal
  3. Chitosan Oligosaccharide
  4. Dora Algamax


5. Corn

From mid-July, Comparison crop yield and disease resistance

  1. Dora Rootguard 
  2. Dora Polytite

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