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Biofungicide Products

Biofungicide products are microbial preparations used to control the flora of plant pathogens. The concept of biofungicide is based on natural screening. They are usually beneficial microorganisms isolated from the soil. They inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria through nutrition competition, parasitism, secretion of metabolites, and induction of plant resistance. (What’s Biofungicide)

The Most Representative: Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma viride, Mycorrhizae.

Biofungicide Mode of Action

Biological fungicide can quickly colonize and maintain activity around the entire root. Effectively compete with pathogens for nutrition around the roots, occupying soil space. Make the pathogens survive without space and nutrition.

Some strains can contact and bind with harmful bacteria, and parasitize. The hypha of beneficial bacteria surrounds the host fungus, dissolving the cell wall of harmful bacteria, and destroying their physiological structure.

Biological fungicide can produce antibiotics to inhibit the proliferation of various harmful microorganisms.

Biological fungicide can induce plant metabolic changes, thereby increasing the plant’s resistance to a variety of pathogenic bacteria. This principle is called systemic acquired resistance (SAR). Increase resistance is directed against the plant system.

Biofungicide can promote plant growth from the side. When external pathogens are scarce, some biofungicide products can also decompose elements such as copper, phosphorus, potassium, iron, and manganese in the soil, and promote the growth of roots and aboveground parts.

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