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Why Is Sustainability Important And How To Achieve It?

As we face unprecedented environmental challenges, agriculture plays a crucial role in both being impacted by climate change and being a vital part of the solution. In this article, we will explore the importance of sustainable agriculture development in addressing climate change and building a better future for all. The Global Food System’s Resilience And

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9 Events Worth Paying Attention To In Agriculture Bussiness In 2024

Time has arrived in the second quarter of 2024, and the development of global agriculture is facing various challenges. In this article, we will take stock of the types of challenges and discuss how to deal with them. Agricultural Supply Exceeds Demand And Stagflation Is Evident Taking crop inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, facilities, engineering) as an

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Dora KelpReal Liquid Obtained The OMRI Certification

Experience the Dora biostimulants with our latest offering-Dora KelpReal Liquid, which has recently achieved the esteemed OMRI certification. We take pride in presenting to you a premium, 100% kelp extract fertilizer designed to enhance crop yields while withstanding the challenges of climate change. Join us in our mission to safeguard our verdant and cherished planet.

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Seaweed Fertilizer Development History and Market

Table of Contents What’s Seaweed Fertilizer? Seaweed fertilizer is a marine biological product prepared by processing seaweed through the application of chemical, physical, biological, and other technologies. It contains plant hormones, alginate, fucoidan, brown algae polyphenols, and amino acids unique to seaweed organisms, iodine, mannitol, minerals, and other seaweed active substances. While providing nutrients for

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2019 Dora Team Year-End Party

Base on a new starting point, we will take a new journey and create brilliant new achievements. 2019 Dora Team Year-End Party Time: 20th, Jan 2020 Location: Aishang in Changshu

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Dora fruits picking day

“Dora fruit festival” is a traditional activity of Dora Agri. Dora’s team and their families came to product test base to pick fruits.

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Spring outing for Bamboo park

During our whole life, Most of things that we have done will not show effects immediately. It is like nature. Sow in spring, harvest in autumn. Time will prove all of our efforts. No matter big or small, All shows that Dora is trying our best to know more about you.

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Company outdoor activity

On 28th, April, We come to Suzhou Shihu to attend company outdoor activity, including CS, Barbecue, company colleague Jill’s Birthday party and rock climbing. It is great to attend such kind of activity. On the one hand, we have mental and physical exercise, close to nature, enjoy scenery; on the other hand, it is a

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