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Amino Acid Fertilizer

Dora Agri is the leading supplier of amino acid fertilizer series in china, concentrates on supplying high-quality amino acid products over 10 years.

As the most important member of biostimulants, the amino acid is obtained by acid hydrolysis or enzyme treatment on protein original from animals or vegetables.

It’s easily absorbed and transported in plants. The amino acid powder can reduce the energy of a series of chemical synthesis in plants. Some amino acids are also perfect metal ion chelating agents, which can help plants to ingest trace elements while preventing metal ions from interfering with cells. It can also be used as a nitrogen and carbon source for plants.

As a biostimulant, amino acid fertilizer can increase plant yields under both abiotic and biological stress conditions. These features can be combined with organic agriculture to enable growers to enjoy sustainable agricultural development.

Dora has presented the OMRI listed amino acid products, devotes to the development of true organic agriculture.

The different kinds of single amino acids have different functions (*The function of each amino acids are complex, this table just describe then partly, Dora also provides the single amino acids, contact us for more details.)

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