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Amino Acid Fertilizer Series

Dora Agri is the leading supplier of amino acid fertilizer series in china, concentrates on supplying high-quality amino acid products over 10 years.

Why Amino Acid Fertilizer is Important?

Amino acids play a significant role for crops as one of the organic nitrogen sources for crops, especially under adverse conditions (e.g. drought, cold, etc.), the affinity ratio of crops for organic nitrogen may be higher than inorganic nitrogen.

Moreover, amino acids can also promote plant growth and development, enhance crop resistance and improve crop yield, which shows the important role of amino acids for crops.

Crop uptake of amino acids is mainly through the soil, where degradation of animal residues is the main source of amino acids, and the rapid transformation of amino acids in the soil results in low and fluctuating levels of amino acids in the soil, making it difficult to meet the amount required for crop growth.

Therefore, exogenous supplementation of amino acid fertilizers is needed for good crop growth and to increase yields.

Our most popular compound amino acids fertilizer: 30%, 45%, 50%, 80%. And support formulation customization & OEM.

Doraagri has presented the OMRI listed amino acid products, devotes to the development of true organic agriculture.

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