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Dora Specialty Fertilizer Products

Dora specialty fertilizers are scientific and rational solutions for each growing period of crops

Dora Agri is a Chinese company that develops, produces and distributes specialty fertilizers and bio-organic solutions. With innovative plant nutrition solutions and efficient application methods, our special fertilizer solutions provide balanced and precise plant nutrition, improve crop stress resistance, and ultimately achieve maximum efficiency and minimize damage to the environment.

Dora Team is crop-oriented, according to the growth characteristics of crops and environmental conditions, and formulates scientific and rational planting management plans for each growing period of crops. To help growers increase production and income for the purpose. We focus on establishing demonstration fields, and invite farmers to visit and discuss at each stage.

At the same time, we are working hard in two directions when developing special fertilizer products. 1. Improve the utilization rate of fertilizer; 2. Improve the soil environment and fully tap the soil potential.

Modern agriculture constantly emphasizes sustainable development, and our goal is to realize the consumption of environmental resources by agriculture as much as possible, advocating scientific fertilization, increasing yield and increasing income as the ultimate starting point.

Link Specialty Fertilizers to Field Trials

Dora Specialty fertilizer

Oliver (dora field test advisor) carefully checked the growth of tomatoes in the greenhouse and added Dora specialty fertilizers (Kelpreal, Aminolex) during the tomato growth period. Braving the heat, measure tomato plant height, leaf width, and stem thickness. And explain to farmers the principle of value-added and yield-increasing of seaweed extract and microbial formula.

Oliver said that the dora specialty fertilizer solution is not aimed at a certain period of the tomato, but at the whole crop to promote growth and stress resistance.

  1. Promote rooting and leaf growth at the seedling stage;
  2. Supplement the required nutrients in the growing season to promote plant growth;
  3. Increase fruit number, fruit size and extend harvest period during fruit set.

Why Focus on Specialty Fertilizer

Farmers are increasingly aware of the importance of agricultural pollution, especially the damage to water resources and land caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers. In addition, it also creates potential food safety. With the continuous development of agriculture, it has gradually entered a stage of resource-saving development.

Especially as P and K are depletable resources, people are more and more aware of the importance of fertilizer utilization, which has contributed to everyone’s attention to specialty fertilizers.

The International Fertilizer Organization first believed that special fertilizers can only be used in niche crops such as gardening and lawns, and specialty fertilizers are gradually moving towards field crops. It is gradually recognized as one of the effective solutions to solve the fertilizer utilization rate.

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