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Category: Organic Biostimulants

What is the Organic Biostimulants

Biostimulants products for agriculture, different from plant growth regulators, are biological substances that can help crops improve nutrient absorption efficiency, improve crop health, resist adversity, optimize production, and restore the true flavor of crops.

The biostimulants can be applied in an open field, horticulture, lawn(turfgrass). The applying method is a foliar spray, seed treatment, (drip) irrigation, and soil mixing.

Organic Biostimulant’s Mode of Action

There are generally three modes:

  1. Improve crops’ nutrient-use efficiency.
  2. Help crops maintain the resistance to the harsh environment, like floods, drought, cold, and heat.
  3. Restore the true flavor of crops and prolong the harvest period and shelf life.
  4. Improve the soil condition for crops, create higher soil health levels.

The common organic biostimulants products are ‘Amino acids’, ‘Humic acids’, ‘Seaweed extract’. Amino acids can provide some nitrogen nutrients and stimulate the growth at the same time, they can also be chelated to formulations easily. Humic acid can be used in soil condition improvement. Seaweed extract can promote growth, maintain stress resistance, and improve flavor.

As the classification of organic biostimulants becomes more and more detailed, the microbial products applied in agriculture are also included. See more specifications on Dora’s website.

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