Liquid Biofertilizer Production

Dora Agri is a biotechnology company founded in 2016, We have standardized food-grade liquid biofertilizer production workshops and an R&D laboratory.

Our goal is to revolutionize the agricultural sector by manufacturing and delivering quality products that add value to soil and crops. Dora Agri is fully focused on developing 100% biological and organic agricultural products that help farmers reduce the use of harsh agrochemicals. We have a team with professional qualifications in the fields of manufacturing, formulation, and marketing.

Our motto is “recover the agricultural original simplicity”, achieving self-sufficiency and sustainable development in the agricultural sector.

liquid fertilizer production line
Liquid biofertilizer production line

Liquid biofertilizers are a kind of fertilizer mainly used to supplement beneficial functional organisms and their metabolites. It contains certain organic nutrients and mineral elements and has the functions of promoting nutrient absorption, stimulating crop growth, enhancing crop resistance performance, and improving the quality of agricultural products.

At present, the liquid biofertilizer products on the market are mainly Bacillus due to its strong tolerance. However, with the rapid development and gradual maturity of industrial fermentation technology, the liquid biofertilizer presents a variety of bacterial species and a good combination of multiple bacterial species development trends.

At present, our exclusive liquid formulations are KelpReal and Multi-Bac. Each batch of goods will go through strict standards (raw material procurement, production process, warehouse storage), in order to ensure the quality and effect of products.  

  • Dora Multi-Bac is a liquid biofertilizer based on Bacillus subtilis & organic matters, used to optimize plant nutrient intake and improve the soil environment.
  • Dora Kelpreal is 100% organic pure seaweed extract, By using the unique enzymatic method at low temperature, it reserve high levels of natural ingredients.
  • Dora Polytite – Fish protein liquid formula entirely from organic sources, combine with chelated trace elements Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn, Mg, B, and Mo. (More Fish Products)
  • Dora Arouse Ca Mg– 100% pure enzymatic hydrolysis seaweed extract, excellent combined with sugar alcohol chelate Ca & Mg elements.

Dora R&D Department
Dora Agri R&D Dept

Our Service

Dora agri provides consulting services for the production process of liquid bio-fertilizers, the manufacturing process of bio-pesticides, the development or improvement of new products, the fermentation process of strains, and the microorganism formulations.

We help customers with new product development, strain fermentation process improvement, and bacterial fungal cultivation to improve productivity and outcomes in biofertilizer manufacturing.


In the process of industrialized liquid culture of functional bacteria, rich organic and inorganic nutrients need to be added to obtain high-density living bacteria and abundant secondary metabolites.

After the liquid biofertilizer is subpackaged, the living bacteria will still carry out certain life activities, forming a cyclic process of continuous reproduction, dormancy or death. This process will also generate gas, which will cause the pressure inside and outside the package to vary, and then Cause bloating.

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