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Why Choose Seaweed Fertilizer

The ocean, as the starting point of life on earth, has a variety of creatures inside. Seaweed(as the raw material for seaweed fertilizers) is the original producer of marine organic matter. It has strong adsorption capacity and can concentrate marine matter equivalent to 440,000 times of itself.

In organic agriculture, the extraction and utilization of seaweed have become more and more extensive. Seaweed fertilizer is an organic fertilizer product made from natural seaweeds as raw materials.


Active Ingredients in Seaweed Fertilizer

1. Plant Growth Regulators

Seaweed fertilizer is rich in cytokinin, gibberellin, auxin, and ABA, etc. PGRs plays an important role in crops’ growth, compared with synthetic chemicals, natural plant growth regulators are more easily absorbed and degraded. 

2. Organic matters

Dora seaweed matter is famous for high organic matter content. It can help improve the soil condition, supply nutrients continuously, degrade pesticide residues and passivate heavy metals

3. Amino acids

Amino acids can promote the growth of the above-ground part and the vitality of roots, it can also improve the soil environment.

4. Alginic acid & others:

The seaweed polysaccharide and mannitol contained in the seaweed fertilizer will participate in the redox reaction of the crops, promote the transport of nutrients to the fruit, which improves the quality of fruits, smooth the surface meanwhile, and the solid content and sugar content is increased. It can also prolong the picking period, increase yield and quality and resist premature aging.

Here are our different seaweed fertilizers with different features, start your ocean trial from now!

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