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 Strategies for Wheat Laying Prevention and Optimal Harvesting

Effective Water Regulation to Mitigate Laying Risks Proper management of soil moisture is essential during the later stages of wheat cultivation. It is advised to refrain from watering when the soil is adequately moist. In cases of dry soil, irrigation should be timed to avoid periods of inclement weather that could lead to wheat laying.

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Phytotoxicity: Definitions, Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

Phytotoxicity refers to the toxic effects of various chemical substances on plant health, growth, and development. In simple terms, it is damage to plants caused by exposure to toxic compounds and materials in their environment. Phytotoxicity can be induced by a wide range of natural and synthetic substances, both organic and inorganic. Some common causes

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Seaweed Fertilizers: Types, Functions, Formulations

Seaweed fertilizers are organic fertilizers made from seaweed, providing an array of macro and micronutrients that can benefit plants and soil. We shared a more detailed article about their features and principles, today let’s go deeper to talk about their components and formulations. Compared to traditional synthetic fertilizers that provide only NPK, seaweed fertilizers contain

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Tips for Using Liquid Fertilizers on Plants

Liquid fertilizer is a concentrated nutrient solution that is diluted with water before being applied directly to plants. Compared to traditional granular fertilizers, liquid fertilizers offer some key benefits: Higher nutrient absorption – Since liquid fertilizers are immediately available to plant roots, they are absorbed more efficiently than slower-release granular options. This leads to faster

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How to Fertilize Cucumber Plants

Cucumbers are rich in nutrients and vitamins. They can be consumed in their raw form or cooked and are beneficial for weight loss. They are extensively grown throughout China due to their rapid growth, high yield, and preference for fertile soil. However, their shallow root system makes them susceptible to poor fertility absorption, underscoring the

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Can You Grow Plants Without Fertilizers?

Farming without chemical fertilizers is possible. You can also avoid using pesticides, herbicides, and even irrigation if you’re aiming for what is often referred to as “green farming.”  All of these are achievable, but the real question is whether you are prepared for the potential consequences. Given the current soil quality and the typical temperature

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10 Best Seaweed Fertilizer Manufacturers and Suppliers You Can Trust

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices grows, the use of seaweed fertilizers has become increasingly popular among gardeners and farmers alike. Seaweed fertilizers offer a host of benefits including improved plant growth, enhanced soil health, and increased resistance to pests and diseases. However, seaweed fertilizers, whether liquid seaweed fertilizers or powder seaweed

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A Complete Guide of Seaweed Fertilizer for Plants

Choosing the right fertilizer for your garden is no small potatoes—it can make or break your plant’s growth. In the vast sea of options, seaweed fertilizer emerges as a natural and highly effective choice. This organic elixir is not just another drop in the ocean of gardening products; it’s packed with benefits that might just

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How To Get The Optimal Plant Growth

Plants are complex organisms that rely on a delicate balance of hormones, nutrients, and microbial interactions to thrive in diverse environments. The interplay between these components is critical for plant development, survival, and ultimately, the productivity of crops. Let’s explore how the master regulators, auxin and cytokinins, manage the shoot-to-root growth ratio and how plants

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Organic Fertilizer | Definition,Types, Benefits

As the level of sustainable agriculture is an important global issue. Organic fertilizers get more and more attentions.
What is organic fertilizer? After reading, you will know definition, types and pros &cons of organic fertilizer.

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How To Promote Root Growth

What promotes root growth and How to promote? Apply Essential Nutrients, Use root stimulant hormones, microbial biofertilizers, and scientific management.

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