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Category: Auxin

Auxins are a series of natural growth-promoting hormones found in plants by scientists. Auxin hormones are usually found in the buds and root tips of plants. They have the function of promoting cell division, so it can promote the growth of stems and roots.

They can also control the direction of plant differentiation to cope with the effects of sunlight and gravity on plants.

Auxin Functions For Plant

1. Promote shoot elongation – Positive feedback will be formed between auxin and gibberellin, which is beneficial for plant internode elongation.
2. Control the direction of the seedlings – Auxins will be concentrated on the side of the stem away from the light and promote seedling growth.
3. Stimulate root formation – Dip the cut stems with appropriate concentration of auxin to promote rooting.
4. Promote fruit development – Auxins in flowers promotes the maturation of the ovarian wall and promotes the full development of the fruit.

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