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Dora Agri Biostimulants Products

Dora Agri is committed to the R&D and promotion biostimulant products, and customizes biostimulant products according to customer needs.

Dora Agri is your preferred supplier and exporter of plant biostimulant products and plant growth regulators in china, providing a range of biological products, amino acids, humic acid, seaweed fertilizers, plant growth regulators, and fruit keeping agents. Support raw material supply and customized formulation according to customers’ needs.


Microbial Biostimulants Products

Microbial products are defined as naturally active products or microbial inoculators, including bacteria, algae, fungi, or biological compounds that can benefit soils and plants. These products are different from chemical fertilizers and are environmentally friendly. They are used on plant disease control, soil conditioner, and biological pest control.

These products contains live microorganisms that can live around or in the roots when applied to seeds, plants, or soil. These microorganisms promote plant growth by increasing the availability or accessibility of nutrients, stimulating root growth, or aiding other beneficial symbiotic relationships.

Acid-Based Biostimulants

This kind of biostimulants product includes compound amino acids, single amino acids, humic acid, seaweed extract, and customized formulations according to customers‘ requirements.

Missions of Acid-Based Biostimulants

Enhance plant nutrition and help improve crop yield and quality. They can be applied in a variety of ways, including direct application to the soil, foliar application, incorporation into fertilizers and other products, and application through irrigation water.

This includes improving soil fertility, improving plant health and vigor, enhancing crop yield and quality, and improving stress tolerance.

Features of Acid Biostimulants Products:

  • To improve the efficiency of plant metabolism, so as to induce the increase of yield and the improvement of crop quality;
  • To improve plant tolerance to abiotic stress and recover from it;
  • Promoting nutrient uptake, transport, and use;
  • Enhance the quality attributes of agricultural products, including sugar content, color, fruit sowing, etc.
  • Improving water efficiency;
  • Enhance soil fertility, especially by promoting the development of complementary soil microorganisms.

Plant Immune Elicitor

Plant Immune Enhancer series is an eco-friendly product that improves the resistance of plants to pathogens, pests, and diseases. Apply to foliage and soil to protect all your plants. It also improves the development of all plants and extends the shelf life of fruit and vegetable yields.

Provides the best protection for your plants

  1. Improves the immune system of plants.
  2. Improves the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil
  3. Improves the ability of plants to absorb beneficial nutrients
  4. Ensures excellent protection for your plants from pests, vermin, pathogens, and harmful insects
  5. Extend the shelf life of fruit and vegetable yields.
  6. Significantly reduces the use of pesticides
  7. Bring more nutritious crops, thus increasing yields. In a completely organic and environmentally friendly way.

Plant Growth Regulator

Plant growth regulators have been widely used in various fields such as field crops, cash crops, fruit trees, forest trees, vegetables, and flowers due to their significant and high-efficiency regulating effects. Many research results have been widely used in production, and significant economic benefits have been achieved, which have played an important role in promoting agricultural production.

Plant growth regulators mainly have the following characteristics in the application: 1) Wide range of effects and many application areas; 2) Significant effects and low residual toxicity. The use of low concentrations of plant growth regulators can play an important role in plant growth, development, and metabolism. The regulating effect;

Main Functions of Plant Growth Regulators:

  1. Change the start time of crop development;
  2. Start or stop the dormancy of seeds, buds, and tubers;
  3. Promote the growth of hair roots and roots;
  4. Promote plants to absorb mineral nutrients from the soil;
  5. Control the size of plants or organs;
  6. Advance, delay, or prevent flowering;
  7. Adjust the fruit setting rate and the further development of the fruit;
  8. Regulate the chemical composition of the plant or the color of the fruit;
  9. Induce or control the shedding of leaves and fruits;
  10. Increase plant resistance to pests and diseases.
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