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Gibberellin Acid GA3 90%TC

Dora Agri is committed to supplying a wide range of Gibberellins acid (GA3) to our most valued customers for more than 10 years. Our GA3 series products are widely appreciated due to the stable quality, competitive price, and professional advisors.

Gibberellin acid GA3 is one of the essential plant hormones in the process of plant growth and development, and is currently the most widely used plant growth regulator.

The main physiological function is to promote plant cell division, elongation of stems and leaves, accelerate plant growth and development, make crops mature in advance, increase yield, and improve quality.

Break the dormancy of plant seeds, promote the germination of seeds, tubers and roots, increase fruit setting rate, increase yield, extend storage period, increase fruit storage capacity, change the ratio of male and female flowers, increase seed yield, and produce seedless fruits.

Dora Agri is committed to supplying a wide range of Gibberellins acid (GA3) to our most valued customers for more than 10 years. Our GA3 series products are widely appreciated due to the stable quality, competitive price, and professional advisors. Welcome you to be a part of us and work together to help farmers have a better harvest!

Gibberellin Acid GA3 Description

  • Product Name: Gibberellic acid GA3
  • Cas No.: [77-06-5]

  • Synonym: Gibberellin A3; Gibberellin; GA3; Gibb-3-ene-1,10-dicarboxylic acid, 2,4a,7-trihydroxy-1-methyl-8-methylene-, 1,4a-lactone;
  • Gibberellic acid(GA3): 90%TC
  • Appearance: White to Pale Yellow crystal powder
  • Molecular formula: C19H22O6
  • Loss on Drying: 0.03%
  • Solubility and Stability: Limited solubility in water. Dissolve in alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, acetone, chloroform. Avoid excessive heating.

Solubility Test

  • Product: 90% Gibberellic acid technical
  • Sample content: 90%           Quantity: 5g
  • Solvent: absolute ethanol       Quantity: 50 ml
Gibberellin Acid GA3 solubility

Benefits & Application of Gibberellin Acid

Gibberellic Acid Uses in Agriculture

  1. Promotes greater photosynthesis and plant metabolism.
  2. Larger leaves and larger roots.
  3. Increases cell growth in stems, leaves, and roots.
  4. Used to produce long, slender stems in plants grown in standard and semi-standard horticultural crops.
  5. Increase the stem length of some flower crops engaged in the flower trade.
    Improve the growth of young plants produced from cuttings, seeds, or flower stalks.
  6. Used to help plants suffering from nutrient and growth deficiencies.
  7. Improve crop resistance under environmental stresses such as low temperature, high salinity, drought and hypertonicity.
  8. Promote seed germination and break dormancy.

Use Cautions

  1. Because of the low solubility of gibberellin (GA3) in water, dissolve gibberellin (GA3) in a small amount of ethanol and then add water to reach the desired concentration.
  2. Use with alkaline substances must be avoided; it may be used with neutral or weakly acidic substances.
  3. Gibberellin (GA3) must be stored under low temperature and dry conditions. It should be used immediately after the addition of water.
  4. Gibberellin can produce good results only when water and fertilizer are supplied adequately and cannot replace fertilizer.
  5. The prepared (dissolved) gibberellin solution should not be left for too long, so as not to affect the efficacy.
  6. Gibberellic acid should not be heated, once the temperature exceeds 60 degrees, it will lose its effectiveness.
  7. Gibberellin has a strong physiological activity, and its use concentration is generally low, so you must strictly control the concentration and the amount of liquid when using it.

Seeds of lettuce, tobacco and begonia require light conditions for germination and are called light-demanding seeds.
When these light-demanding seeds are treated with gibberellin, they can also germinate in dark conditions. On the contrary, seeds that germinate in dark conditions germinate easily in light conditions after gibberellin application.

For example, ginseng is soaked in 20ppm gibberellic acid for 15 minutes, the seedlings can emerge 2 days earlier, and the germination rate is also significantly increased.

Gibberellin hormone has a certain effect on the release of dormancy. The main mechanism is that gibberellin can hinder the degradation of intercellular dormancy and release signal transduction of plasmodesmal callose, so that the signal substance can be transported to the apical meristem. Organize, thereby lifting dormancy.




Application Method


Increase fresh weight


Foliar Spray 1-3 Times


Increase fresh weight


Foliar Spray 1-3 Times


Fruits increase in weight


Spray flower


Fruits increase in weight


Spray flower


Increase germination rate


Soaking seed 15minutes


Increase yields


Spray one week after flowering


Increase cotton boll setting rate




Increase plant height, increase fiber yield


Spray the whole plant when the plant height is 50cm, and spray once every 7-10 days


Increase fruits setting rate and size




Improve germination rate


Soak the seeds for 2-4 hours

Packing and Shipping

Packing: 1 kg/Al.bag, 25 kg/Drum.
Support customize packaging

Courier Time: 5-7 days by TNT, DHL, FEDEX, UPS
Air Freight: 7-10 days
Shipping By Sea:

  • North America: approximately 40-50 days
  • South America: approximately 40-50 days
    Southeast Asia: approximately 10-25 day
    Africa: about 40 days
    Europe: about 30 days


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