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OMRI Listed Fertilizers

Dora Agri now has 5 organic fertilizers products listed with OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) for use in organic agriculture production. The listed products include 1. Dora AminoPoly 80, 2. Dora Algamax, 3. Dora KelpReal True Kelp Extracted Powder, 4. Dora Humate HQ, 5. Dora Fulvic HQ and 6. Dora Fish Amino (In Process)

Organic Materials Review Institute(OMRI)

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a private, non-profit organization. Responsible for evaluating the suitability of products and materials in the production, processing, and handling of organic food and fiber. OMRI evaluates the ingredient materials in fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, and other growth and processing aids.

According to the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture to determine whether the product meets the organic standards. According to the regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture, certification agencies, growers, manufacturers, and suppliers use this list to confirm that an item has been approved for organic use.

The following Dora Organic Products have been listed in OMRI. For details, please check the brand product list on the OMRI Website.

Click the OMRI certificate for the following products that have been downloaded from Dora Agri.

The above-listed biostimulant products are included in the list of authorized products for organic agriculture by OMRI and meet the requirements of the National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture for organic inputs. The inclusion of these products on the OMRI list further proves that Dora Agri is committed to developing and manufacturing organic and sustainable products that meet quality standards and truly take practical actions to reduce the stress on the environment.

Dora Agri's Contribution to Organic Agriculture

In addition to organic certification, we have cooperated with many distributors and farms around the world, so that we can fully guarantee to farmers that the products used or sold meet the requirements of organic farms, which is more conducive to their sustainable development.

Dora KelpReal

1. 100% Organic Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology;   2. Alginic acid ≥25%;   3. Organic matter≥ 50%;   4. Mannitol ≥ 5%;   5.Total nitrogen ≥ 10%.

Field Trial of OMRI Listed Dora Kelpreal

Field Trial of Dora KelpReal

Address: Organic Cantaloupe Farm, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China
Test Date: 14th, Aug 2020
Product Name: Cantaloupe
Test area: 100 m2

In this experiment, we confirmed that Dora KelpReal is beneficial to plant growth, and research the optimal concentration of Dora KelpReal for cantaloupe growth. 

Dora AminoPoly 80

1.100% Organic Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology  2. Total nitrogen ≥ 14%;  3. Cl≤ 0.6% 

Field Trial of OMRI Listed Dora AminoPoly 80

Field Trial of Dora AminoPoly 80

Address: Agricultural Science of Park, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China
Test Date: April 2020
Product Name: Tomato
Test area: 200 m2

Foliar spray in the tomato seedling stage, rapid growth stage, and early fruiting stage, Total: 3 times application. Other solutions all meet organic farm standards.

Dora Algamax

1.100% Organic Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology   2. Alginic acid≥18%;    3. Organic matter≥ 45%;   4. N≥1.0%; P2O5≥1.0%  K2O≥18%

Field Trial of OMRI Listed Dora Algamax

Field Trial of Dora AlgaMax

Address: Luoshiwan Organic Farm, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China
Test Date: Aug 2020
Product Name: Maize
Test area: 100 m2

Foliar spray in the maize seedling stage, Growth stage, and flowering stage, Total: 3 times foliar application.

Dora Humate HQ

1. Water Solubility≥99%   2. Humic acid≥60%;    3. Fulvic acid≥ 8%;   4. K2O≥12%

humic acid use on humic acid

Field Trial of Dora Humate HQ

Address: Hongqiao Village, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China
Test Date: Aug 2021
Product Name: Sugarcane
Test area: 100 m2

Total 3 times for soil applications, to research the effect on  sugarcane tillering rate, stem formation ratesingle stem weightyield, and sugar content.

Dora Fulvic HQ

1. Water Solubility≥99%   2. Fulvic acid≥90%;    3. Fineness≥ 150Mesh

Omri Fulvic acid use on soybean

Field Trial of Dora Fulvic HQ

Address: Hongqiao Village, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China
Test Date: June 2022
Product Name: Soybeans
Test area: 500 m2

Soybean was sprayed with fulvic acid at the initial flowering stage, full flowering stage, and pod stage. Total of 3 times.

Dora Fish Amino 14-0-0

1. Total Protein(%)≥90%   2. Small Peptides(%)≥80;    3. Total Nitrogen(%) ≥14

Fish amino on ginger

Field Trial of Dora Fish Amino

Address: Weifang City, Shandong Province, China
Test Date: May 2021
Product Name: Ginger
Test area: 1000 m2

Our customer applied Dora Fish Amino at the seedling period, three branch period, and expansion period. Total of 3 times. Good effect on reducing the common diseases and increasing yields.

With the continuous growth of the number of cooperative partners, Dora agri continues to develop new products that meet the OMRI review according to the needs of customers, in order to better serve the growers of organic agriculture. In addition, Dora Agri is also actively applying for the approval of Ecocert organic product certification.

Shipping Photos of Omri Listed Fertilizers

Our regular packings of Omri listed fertilizers are 20kg or 25kg/Bag. We also support packaging customization according to customers’ demands. All packaging will comply with the laws of the country of destination.

Omri fertilizer packing photo

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