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β-Glucanase has good biological activity and biodegradability and is a plant protection agent. It can enhance the disease resistance and stress resistance of plants, and improve the immunity and antioxidant capacity of plants, thereby reducing the occurrence of diseases.

In addition, β-Glucanase can also activate the plant’s defense enzyme system, enhance the plant’s ability to adapt to the external environment and improve the plant’s ability to resist drought, cold, and salt-alkali. It can also increase the stability of soil aggregates and pores. Improve soil structure, improve soil air permeability, and water retention. At the same time, it can also absorb and stabilize heavy metal ions and harmful substances in the soil, reduce their toxic effects on plants, and improve soil safety.





White, gray white, or light
yellow powder

Enzyme activity


Moisture content


Fineness(40 mesh standard screening rate)




  • Foliar spray or root irrigation,1.5KG/Ha, twice dosage will achieve better effects.
  • As fertilizer additive: mix 2~3kg β-Glucanase into 1 ton fertilizer (Note: If mixing with fertilizer, please note that the water content is less than 10%.)


Store at room temperature, do not place in damp places, keep dry.


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