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Dora Amino Liquid 30

Dora Amino Liquid 30 is a liquid amino acid fertilizer contains a mixture of amino acids derived from protein hydrolysates of vegetative origin using acid hydrolysis method. It contains 17 L-Amino acids which can significantly promote protein synthesis, increase yield and improve quality.



Vegetal origin


Brown Liquid

Free Amino acids









  • Promote protein synthesis as it contains amino acids which act as build blocks
  • Increase yield and improve quality of crops
  • Help plants enhance stress resistance


  • Foliar spray: 1-2ml per liter, 1-2L/ha
  • Root irrigation: 2.5-5L/ha
  • Recommendation: Apply 3-4 times every season according to the crop season. Root irrigation methods include spray irrigation, drip irrigation, and flow irrigation.

Field Trial of Liquid Amino Acid Fertilizer

1.Use on Strawberry

liquid amino acid fertilizer on strawberry

In 2020, our customer from china used Dora liquid amino acid fertilizer on a strawberry farm. 

At the rooting and seedling stage, It can quickly supply strawberry growth, promote the growth of the root system of strawberry plants, thicken stems, and early flower formation.

During the flowering period, liquid amino acids fertilizer can be directly absorbed and transformed by strawberries, which can promote the growth of strawberries, increase the leaf and leaf area, and improve the efficiency of photosynthesis.

During the fruiting period, the liquid amino acids can promote the synthesis of more glucose, increase the accumulation of dry matter and sugar, and make the strawberry fruit taste sweeter.

Package of Liquid Amino Acids

liquid amino acid fertilizer
packing liquid amino acid fertilizer


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