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FishAmino 14-0-0

Features of Dora FishAmino

  • 100% natural, environmentally friendly.
  • Organic nitrogen content≥14%
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis technology maximizes the retention of fish protein, organic matter, and polypeptides.


Dora FishAmino 14-0-0 is a 100% natural & unique patent fish fertilizer sourced from deep-sea(no pollution) as raw material and manufactured by full-process enzymatic hydrolysis technology. (Organic nitrogen content ≥14%)

It has a large amino acid composition, is rich in peptides, and has balanced nutrition, which is beneficial to crop absorption and utilization. Fish amino acid fertilizer contains amounts of organic matter, peptides, and biological polysaccharides, they are mostly used in crops with high economic value.

Now Dora FishAmino is widely applied as Crop nutrition, Soil conditioner, Crop resistance ability.

Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer Benefits

  1. Increase soil fertility and enrich soil nutrients. It makes the soil very loose, maintains the biomass of microorganisms and earthworms, and guarantees a healthy soil environment.
  2. Promote the growth of crop roots and leaves, and enhance photosynthesis, especially for seedlings.
  3. Increase crop yield by 10%-40%.
  4. Improve crop quality, extend the harvest period, and be more conducive to long-term storage.
  5. Improve crop resistance ability.





Testing Results


Light yellow powder



Fishy smell



100% through 100 mesh


Total protein %



Small peptide(Acid soluble protein %) 



Total Nitrogen(%)









Moisture (%)






Water insoluble(%)



Mechanism of Action

1. The amino acids and peptides in fish protein can be absorbed by plants directly. It can be directly involved in protein synthesis, to increase production.
2. Fish amino acids fertilizer can be directly used for the synthesis of various enzymes in plants, so as to enhance the ability of plant anabolic metabolism, accelerate the production and development of plants, and make plants have a high yield and early maturity.

3. Plants cannot absorb proteins directly. Under the action of a protease secreted by microorganisms, proteins hydrolyze into various amino acids, which are then absorbed by plants.

4. Amino acids and peptides can be absorbed by beneficial microorganisms at the same time, increasing the number of beneficial microorganisms, thus improving the soil’s ecological environment and improving the ability of soil to retain water and fertilizer.

Application Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer

  • Foliar Spray: 1:1000-2000, apply 2-3 times every season
  • Irrigation:7.5-10 kg/Ha


1. Seed dressing: The root system can be developed, anti-freezing, and promote a high rate of ear formation.
2. Foliar application: It can promote bifurcation and reduce the harmful effect of herbicides.

TeaIt can increase the density of the bud head and increase bud growth.
Pear, Apple

1. Spraying before germination can prevent cold springs and effectively avoid red spiders.

2. Spraying before flowering can enhance the tree potential and promote the full bloom of the branches.

3. Spraying when the young fruit is inflated can promote photosynthesis and increase the weight of the single fruit.


1. Spray before germination to prevent cold spring and prevent green blindness.

2. Spraying before flowering, spraying to increasing the fruit setting rate, the fruit size is even.

3. Spraying after fruit set, spraying to promote photosynthesis, increase the sugar content of the grapes, increase the weight of the single fruit and improve the resistance of the plants.


1. Spraying before germination to prevent cold spring.

2. Spraying before flowering to reduce deformed flowers and reduce the phenomenon of falling flowers caused by temperature changes.

3. During the hardcore period, spraying to increase the hardness of the fruit, reduce the cracking, enhance the photosynthesis of the leaves, increase the yield and improve the quality.


Spraying after planting, helps build the root system and promote seedling growth.

Spraying at the initial flowering stage, it can increase the yield and increase the sugar content of the fruit.StrawberryStrawberry


Spraying at the seedling stage, to develop the root system of the watermelon, thicken the stem, promote the seedling growth, reduce the virus disease and improve the crop resistance.

Spraying after fruit set to enhance photosynthesis, increase yield, and increase the sugar content.


The first spraying can promote the leaf’s hypertrophy, the root system, and the seedling growth speed.

Spraying at the flower bud stage to reduce the deformed flower and increases the fruit setting rate.

Spraying during the expansion period to uniform the fruit size, increase the weight of the single fruit and enhance the photosynthesis intensity. It can also extend the harvesting period.

PepperSpraying after planting to improve disease resistance, reduce flowering and fruit drop, prolong harvest time, increase pepper yield and improve quality.

Use Experience

1. The biggest feature of fish amino acid fertilizer is to improve crop resistance. The use of fish amino acid fertilizer from the seedling stage can promote early rooting and prevent diseases in the seedling stage. It is used in the early stage of fruit tree germination and has the effects of anti-freezing, anti-flooding, drought, and disease resistance.

2. The early effect is relatively slow, and the later comprehensive effect is obvious. Use fish amino acid fertilizer as early as possible, and use it continuously. If you use it earlier, the effect will be better. Fish amino acid fertilizer doesn’t contain hormones, the initial effect is relatively slow, and the effect is quite obvious in the middle and late stages.

3. Fish Amino acids can’t replace NPK fertilizers. If you mix fish amino acid fertilizer with microbial fertilizer or NPK fertilizers, it will have a much better yield-increasing effect.

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  1. dora

    it have good effect on increase yields 10-15%

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