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Newest restriction of pesticide in EU

From 2019/1/1,the EU will formally prohibit the sale of 320 pesticides containing chemically active substances,including 62 varieties of pesticides being produced,used.and sold in China. As these pesticides have been widely used in the production of fruits.tea.vegetables.and grains.agricultural products using these pesticides may be returned or destroyed when they are exported to the European Union. Some EU banned pesticide lists (involving 62 species in China):

Restriction of pesticide
Restriction of pesticide


Insecticidal and acaricidal agents

Cartap,Ethion,Omethoate,Triazophos,Quinalphos,Fenpropathrin,Bromopropylate,Chlorfluazuron,Diothyl,Moncrotophos,Profenofos.Phorate.Terbufos.Sulfotep etc 30 kinds.



Thiophanate-methyl,Isoprothiolane,Triamcinolone,Validamycin,Methanearsonic acid,Oxadixyl Mepronil and Fenaminosulf.



Mefenacet.metolachlor.prometryn.butachlor.sethoxydim,fluazifop-butyl.Haloxyfop.quizalofop-ethyl.fomesafen.acifluorfen.barbane. vernolate.Dimepiperate etc 20 kinds.


Plant growth regulators

flumetralin.triapenthenol etc


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