Dora KelpReal

Dora KelpRealTM is a 100% organic seaweed extract liquid & powder biostimulant proven to promote soil quality, crop quality and improve stress tolerance.
By using the unique enzymatic method at low temperature, it reserve high levels of natural ingredients containing alginic acid, natural growth promoter, monosaccharide, and mannitol in addition to amino acids, vitamins, etc.


  • Organic products OMRI listed, Special for organic agriculture
  • Weakly acidic-low pH, easy to use
  • Promote root development, increase crops yields and quality
  • Mitigating the symptoms of crop diseases

Dora KelpReal  is a 100% pure concentrated seaweed extract rich in minerals, amino acids, trace elements, and other active substances. Dora Agri’s unique low-temperature enzymatic technology and its cold-processed extraction methods can preserve the activity and integrity of natural ingredients and nutrients, and ensure plants can be absorbed faster. This product is OMRI Listed under the USDA’s National Organic Standards (NO

Natural organic seaweed extract has many advantages. It can be quickly absorbed by crops and has highly active ingredients. In particular, it contains natural plant growth hormones to increase crop growth. Dora KelpReal is very beneficial in helping early germination and colonization of crops, enhancing crop resistance to abiotic stresses, and improving survival rates during the seedling period.

Our filtered organic seaweed extracts contain medium/trace elements, amino acids, vitamins, natural cytokinins, and natural growth hormones. Dora Kelpreal preserves these ingredients perfectly. So it have good effect on stimulating crop growth,  and improveing crop’s resistance to bacteria and viruses and mitigates damage caused by extreme weather conditions. Using Dora Kelpreal will promote plant tolerance to stresses such as frost, pests, disease, and drought. You’ll produce healthier, more marketable crops!

For soil, Dora KelpReal can activate various beneficial microorganisms in the soil, improving the soil microhabitat and enriching the soil. Provides a healthy and fertile environment for plant roots.

Why Choose Seaweed Extracts from Dora

Dora Agri is the leading supplier of seaweed extract biostimulants. Five years of export experience for organic concentrated seaweed extracts. We designed this seaweed extract series to have better integration between the natural soil and the plants.

Many necessary elements are found in seaweed extracts such as N, P, K, Mg, Zn, etc. All of these are beneficial to plant growth & soil condition. It’s also rich in cytokinins, plant growth hormones that work both above and below ground to improve root growth.

Organic seaweed extracts play the role of “soil amendment.” It feeds & maintains a healthy soil condition. And makes the soil more capable of keeping nutrients and moisture. It follow the tendency of economic development & environmental protection to work together.

Features of Dora KelpReal

  1. Improve seed germination, root development, flower blooming, promotes the formation of stronger leaves and rhizomes, and fruit size
  2. Supplement nutrition quickly improves crop nutrition absorption, improves crop quality, increases yield
  3. Improve soil microbial activity, diversity, and promote soil health
  4. Improve plant vitality, Improve crop resistance (cold tolerance, drought tolerance, salt tolerance, heat tolerance), and reduce crop diseases
  5. Increase and stabilize chlorophyll, turn leaves green, and increase the sugar content

Specification of Dora KelpReal

1. Dora KelpReal Liquid - Concentrated Seaweed Extract Liquid

Kelp Seaweed Fertilizer


Brown Liquid


Fresh Seaweed

Active Substance


Natural Hormones





Below 45 ℃, Store in a dry place

Packing Size

1L 20L 200L 1000L

How to use?
Foliar Spray: 1:250-500, Apply 3 times during the whole growth period (Seedling stage, Fruit set period)
Irrigation: Total 25kg/ha.

2. Dora KelpReal Powder 10-3-3 - Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder

seaweed extract powder


Yellow Powder

Solubility in water


Active Substance


Natural Hormones


Organic Matter






Packing Size

1kg 25kg

How to use?
Foliar Spray: 1:800-1000, Apply 3 times during the whole growth period (Seedling stage, Rapid growth period, Fruit set period)
Irrigation: 4-8kg/ha, Apply 1 time at planting.



1. Dora KelpReal must be shaken well before use. It can be mixed with other pesticides to enhance the adhesion and penetration of pesticides and improve efficacy. Avoid mixing with strong alkaline pesticides.
2. It is recommended to spray at 8-10 pm or 3-5 pm, if it rains within 3 hours after application, it needs to be reapplied.
3. Prohibit the use of metal containers, store in a cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight.


1. Seeds soaked in seaweed extract germinate faster, have higher root mass, plant growth, and higher survival rate. Dipping plant roots into extracts can also reduce the disease of the graft and accelerate root growth.

2. Geranium can make more flowers per plant; grapes are sweeter; yield of cucumber is increased by 40%. (frequency of fruit softening and decay is reduced)

3. Yields & stress resistance ability increase after seaweed extract treatment was measured in carrots, potatoes, sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, apples, strawberries, okra, and oranges.

4. On sept 2020, Our customers in Malaysia used Dora KelpReal on durian trees together with pesticides. Compared with the pesticide group(CK), the durian trees treated by KelpReal, grow stronger and avoid phytotoxicity problems. After using Dora KelpReal, the durian tree grows more side branches and grows more vigorously.

seaweed extract on durian
seaweed extract use on durian

5. In April 2020, Dora agri cooperated with melon farms to do the field trial. We sprayed Dora KelpReal and FishBlend on the leaves with two different concentrations during the growing period. The spraying concentration is shown in the table below.

Kelpreal on melon
seaweed extract on organic melon farm
Kelpreal on melon farm
Kelpreal for melon yields

6. Dora Kelpreal has a wide range of applications, promoting the growth of raspberries, maintaining leaf health, improving fruit quality, and restoring the organic flavor of raspberries.

In 2021, our customer from Shanxi china used Dora Kelpreal on raspberries. Results show improved raspberry quality and earlier harvest.

Raspberry kelpreal


Compared with other seaweed extraction technology by using chemicals, heat, mincing or freezing to extract active substances from kelp, this technology will preserve more active substances and nutrients. Make the product more in line with organic standards.

Dora KelpReal Liquid & Powder  is the pure seaweed extract. We also support seaweed products customization according to your specification.

It can be mixed with most fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and other agrochemicals. In order to ensure the effect, please pay attention to the proportion of mixing or contact our team.

No, the positioning of Dora Kelp Real is biostimulants, it only contains small amount of nutrients. Mix with fertilizers to use, can enhance the effectiveness of fertilizers.

Preferably in the early morning or late afternoon,

Seedlings: Seaweed extract is a natural and organic tonic that can be used from germination through the seedling stage to flowering. Cannabis growers can cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and then mist them with diluted liquid seaweed. This helps increase seed germination and speeds up germination.

Foliar spraying or watering: Apply at the manufacturer’s recommended rate and then spray directly onto the plant leaves, with the spray focused on the underside of the leaves.



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