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Best Banana Special Fertilizer Guide For Banana Tree

Banana trees need high-quality, multiple-use banana special fertilizer to make the plants strong and healthy, and produce high-quality fruits.

Banana special fertilizer

In spring and summer, banana leaves and roots grow rapidly, requiring a large number of fertilizers. Banana special fertilizers are an excellent choice for growing.

Nitrogen supplementation should be paid attention to during the vegetative growth period. Nitrogen fertilizers should be stopped during flowering to add more potassium fertilizers. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the change in soil pH.

When the pH reaches 6, it is not suitable to continue to apply fertilizer. Banana trees also need to be watered many times. When the soil surface is dry, water should be watered, but care should be taken not to submerge the banana trees. Otherwise, it will easily cause rot and fungal accumulation in the roots, leading to disease.

Some elements, such as boron, zinc, and calcium, also play an essential role in the healthy growth of banana trees. They participate in the synthesis of auxin in plant tissues, promote fruit expansion, and improve fruit quality.

While reasonable water and fertilizer management, we should also pay attention to disease prevention.

Banana tree diseases

1. Management of soil nematodes. Nematodes can harm the roots of banana trees, making the roots of the bananas swollen, which is not conducive to nutrient acquisition. Seriously, the roots will rot and the plants will die.

2. Insect pests such as aphids and thrips, which have always threatened the growth and yield of various plants.

3. Fusarium wilt, which is caused by harmful fungi around the roots of plants. The leaves will turn yellow from the outside and gradually approach the core leaves. It is infectious and will cause the whole plant to wither and needs to be dealt with in time.

4. Leaf spot disease, which is caused by fungi, the small and shallow spots on the leaves gradually become larger and become purple or black, making the leaves look like they are burned. Good drainage conditions for banana trees should be maintained.

5. Viral diseases, usually transmitted to banana trees by aphids, make the banana trees dwarf, the leaves curl and wither, and there are obvious lines on the leaves. If this happens, the banana trees should be destroyed immediately to prevent infection to other plants.

Choosing environmentally friendly and safe banana special fertilizer will help you get healthy plant status, higher banana yield, delicious taste, and sustainable banana planting management solutions.

Banana Special Fertilizer Recommended

1. Dora MaxGro, a foliar spray banana special fertilizer, contains complex amino acid chelated trace elements, which are quickly absorbed by banana leaves to improve nitrogen utilization. After chelated trace elements are absorbed, they quickly participate in related hormones and Receptor synthesis, increase plant growth, and precipitate fruit taste.

2. Dora Nemaxe, nematode management, and soil improvement products contain the natural microorganism-Paecilomyces lilacinus, which inhibits nematode reproduction and destroys the nematode body wall. It can also help restore the healthy structure of the soil and protect the roots.

3. Dora RootGuard, which is a microbial product based on Trichoderma, controls harmful Fusarium in the soil, prevents the continuous propagation of Fusarium wilt and leaf spot fungi.

4. The first choice for the prevention of viral diseases is Dora Immune, which contains 2.5%+ plant elicitors, which stimulates the immune response of banana trees, enhances the immunity of plants, and resists the virus. It’s a key role in the banana special fertilizer series.

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