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Blueberry Tasting: The Secret Weapon of High Yield and High Quality

Dora Agri has been committed to providing growers with high-end plant nutrition products that are safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical.

After years of research and development and market promotion, its microbial fertilizer, amino acid fertilizer, seaweed fertilizer and other products have been widely used in various crops, not only increasing the yield, but also greatly improving the quality and taste of agricultural products, and are well received by growers.

Recently, the product test conducted by Dora Ecological Agriculture in the cooperative blueberry base has achieved complete success again.

Dora Blueberry Solutions

The local blueberry base adopts the “blueberry solution” of Dora agri, including microbial fertilizer – trichoderma harzianum, amino acid fertilizer, and fish protein fertilizer, which are applied during the blueberry growth period.

As a result, these fertilizers not only greatly increased the yield of blueberries, but also significantly improved the quality and taste of blueberries. The blueberry pulp is sweet and juicy, and the skin is covered with white fruit powder.

blueberry solution dora agri

Mr. Ma, the person in charge of the base, said: “The blueberry yield has increased by about 20% compared with previous years, and the quality has also greatly improved, which is inseparable from the blueberry solutions provided by Dora Agri. ”

dora blueberry solution

Fish protein fertilizer contains 18 kinds of L-amino acids, small fish peptides, trace elements, etc., which can effectively promote the growth and development of blueberries, and also have anti-stress functions.

Trichoderma harzianum can improve soil structure, prevent and control blueberry soil-borne diseases, such as gray mold, anthracnose, powdery mildew, and promote the normal growth of plant roots.

The combined use of the two fertilizers enables blueberries to obtain a comprehensive and balanced nutrient supply, and the growth momentum is rapid, and the result is finally reflected in a substantial increase in yield and taste.

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