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Challenges & Responses To The Global Biostimulant Supply Chain In Geopolitical Conflicts

2024 Global Biostimulant Supply Chain Challenges

The global supply chain of biostimulants is facing significant challenges due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the conflict between Israel and Iran, and other factors. Since 2024, the export of bio-stimulant products such as amino acids, seaweed extracts, and humic acid (fulvic acid) in China has been affected by unclear classification with fertilizers, requiring a month-long wait for inspection, leading to delayed delivery and price fluctuations.

1. Delayed raw material delivery: Due to the sudden change in policy, the previous batch of products faces an extension of the delivery period, which disrupts the demand side’s original formula production plan and delays the launch of finished products.

2. Unstable prices: Due to slow shipping, the prices of related bio-stimulants will also fluctuate.

3. Global reshuffling of supplies: In the face of this phenomenon, countries without restrictions on such products will join the bio-stimulant industry, and this field will be globalized.

How To Deal With It?

1. For buyers, if you want to maintain a stable quality consistent with the original product, you can try to arrange purchases in advance. For example, the inspection of seaweed fertilizer generally requires 1-2 months before shipment can be arranged. At this time, you can arrange purchases based on the next quarter’s production plan, ensuring a seamless production plan.

2. Choice of alternative products. Due to the uncertainty of war and the unclear direction of the industry, some products that can temporarily replace bio-stimulants can be sought. Although it may increase the carbon footprint, it is beneficial to growers and the development of global agriculture. Here are some solutions:

2.1. Compound amino acids: Compound amino acid powder is usually used to help plants better absorb and utilize nutrients, combat adverse conditions, and benefit the micro-ecological environment of the soil. After compound amino acid powder is restricted, you can try single amino acids. Different monomer amino acids have different functions in crops. Proline can regulate the osmotic balance of crops, helping crops resist freezing and salt. Glutamate can regulate photosynthesis and strengthen the supply of water and nutrients. Tryptophan is a precursor to IAA, and the functions of various monomer amino acids are shown in the figure below:


Single amino acids

2.2. Seaweed fertilizer: Seaweed fertilizer is mainly used to enhance the drought and cold resistance of plants and improve fruit quality. In the state of extended delivery periods, the following products can be considered as temporary replacements:

1. Dora KelpReal: It is a 100% seaweed extract product, available in both powder and liquid versions, and has obtained OMRI organic certification. It has received good feedback in domestic and foreign feedback and experiments for its performance in adverse conditions. Its export policy in China requires inspection without a one-month wait, and it can be properly arranged according to the purchase plan.

2. Glycine betaine: Glycine betaine can effectively help crops combat salinization and drought and other extreme external environments, which is closely related to its ability to regulate the osmotic balance of plants.

3. S-ABA: In addition to improving fruit color, abscisic acid also has the ability to enhance the stress resistance of crops. Studies have confirmed that abscisic acid has functions such as promoting flower bud differentiation, enhancing plant drought resistance, and reasonably regulating the balance between vegetative growth and reproductive growth of plants.

4. Brassinolide: A very small amount of brassinolide can raise the stress resistance of plants to the next level, and its broad-spectrum applicability is well-known.

5. Dora AOS: The alginate oligosaccharide can be also used in increasing crops’ tolerance on drought, salty land and flood.

What Will The Future Be Like?

The world should be full of peace and hope, in addition to economy and benefits. Peace is the cornerstone of all development for industries worldwide. Dora Agritech cannot make comments and predictions on the international situation, but it is definitely an advocate of peace and sustainable development. The biostimulant industry still faces many challenges, which are worth pondering:

1. In China, will the regulatory policies for bio-stimulants be relaxed?

2. The oligopoly effect of the compound amino acid industry is emerging, is there still room for small companies to survive?

3. What kind of bio-stimulants are needed for sustainable agricultural development?

4. With fierce competition, do all industries in the world need to be so competitive?

5. Is vicious competition really human nature?


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