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2019 Dora Team Year-End Party

Base on a new starting point, we will take a new journey and create brilliant new achievements. Time: 20th, Jan 2020   Location: Aishang in Changshu

2020 Dora Team

After one year’s hard work of all colleagues, our company has reached a new milestone. In order to make a conclusion and celebrate the new year, our company had an annual meeting on 20th, Jan.

1, Best Outstanding Employee Award, Jenny and Kiki.
2, Progressive Employee Award, Christy and Jill.
3, Best New employee Award, George.

These colleagues have given their award acceptance speech, the boss awarded a trophy, certificate, bonus to these colleagues. All in all, Dora is a team and needs the cooperation of all colleagues.

Dora Award winners

Step 2: Team Building Games

By playing Team building games, help us create the time to focus on the importance of teamwork and what is needed to make you a better team. Help break down communication barriers and how to make better use of verbal and nonverbal communication.

dora team games
Dora agri team building game
Dora Team building game
dora games

Step 3: Dinner Party

The long-term development of an enterprise requires certain conditions. Everyone is dedicated to the company’s development and the company will thrive in this atmosphere. Assist in unanimity and work together. There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team, and the team spirit is maximized. I hope our Dora team will have a better business in 2020.

Dora Dinner Party

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