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Dora Agri’s response measures to 2019nCov

To our clients and friends,

With the expansion of the Outbreak in Wuhan, in a press conference held by the World Health Organization, which is China’s outbreak was listed as an international public health emergency. It shows that the prevention and control of the outbreak have entered a critical period. The Government announced that the company will return to work on February 10. Under the support of the Chinese government, more than 6,000 medical personnel went to Wuhan to help the patients. The overall epidemic situation is becoming stable and controllable.

wuhan 2019ncov

According to the Statistics of the Wuhan Government, the outbreak growth rate continues to decline, which was the lowest level since the outbreak began.

Undoubtedly, the outbreak will affect our production and supply, but the lives and health of our employees and our customers are our first priority. Therefore, we actively respond to government requirements and plan to resume production on February 10th.

Presently, all of Dora Agri employees are staying at home, reducing the contact with outside to avoid the outbreak. However, Dora’s preparations have never stopped. Presently Dora’s sales employees use remote-control technologies to process the order and communicate with our customers.

The current situation (outbreak) is still not optimistic. However, Dora will try our best to ensure that our customers will receive qualified products. At the same time, We suggest all overseas customers that if you have a plan to come to China in the near future, please cancel the plan temporarily or take protective measures.

Life will always be challenging. But the sky will be cleared after the storm, and we will see the rainbow, Dora and you, together.

2020 Dora Team

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