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Indole-3-Acetic Acid

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Indole 3 acetic acid (IAA), also known as auxin plant hormone. IAA hormone is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator with auxin activity of indole, which is widely present in plants.

It can promote plant cell division; induce callus formation and form adventitious roots. It can help regulate geotropism and phototropism and induce embryos, accelerate root formation and elongation, increase fruit setting and prevent fruit drop. 

IAA hormone has a variety of physiological effects on plant growth, which are related to its concentration. Low concentration can promote growth, and high concentration can inhibit growth. Different parts of plants have different sensitivity to IAA, and different plants have different sensitivity to IAA. IAA is widely used in plant tissue culture as an additive component of plant culture media.


Product Name

IAA, 3-Indolylacetic acid, heteroauxin auxin, IAA auxins

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Structural formula

IAA Structure



Assay (%)


Melting Point (℃)


Residues after ignition (%)


Loss on drying (%)



Off-White Crystal

Shelf life

2 years


1KG/Bag, 25KG/Drum


Indole 3 acetic acid (IAA) can be absorbed by stems, leaves and roots, and the concentration is different, which can promote or inhibit it.

1. Affect cell division, cell elongation and differentiation.
2. Affect the elongation, maturation and aging of vegetative organs and reproductive organs.
3. Used in tissue culture to induce the formation of callus and roots.


1. Use Alone: Various concentrations of water or powder can be made directly according to needs, and the operation is convenient. It can be used to enhance crop growth and rooting, and is widely used in agricultural production.

2. Compound with Pesticides:

(1) Indole acetic acid and sodium naphthalene acetate are compounded to produce rooting agent. The common ratio of indole sodium acetate and sodium naphthalene acetate is 1:2, which is widely used in crop cutting rooting and cultivating strong seedlings, enhancing the development of crop roots and improving crops. Absorption capacity of water and fertilizer. (2) Indole acetic acid is compounded with gibberellin and brassinolide to break dormancy, enhance rooting and germination.

3. Mixed with flushing fertilization and drip irrigation fertilizer.

4. Seed Treatment: Seed soaking (6-24h): 20-100ppm; quick dip (2-3s): 2000-3000ppm.


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