Dora AminoPoly 80

Dora Agri is the Leading Supplier, Wholesaler, Exporter of Organic Compound Amino acid Fertilizers in China. Your best choice to purchase bulk high-quality amino acid liquid & powder at a competitive price.

Features of Dora Amino acid Series Products

1. Small peptides, easily absorbed by plants
2. Organic natural plant-based form of nitrogen
3. Promotes plant metabolism and photosynthesis
4. Improves nutrient utilization and crop quality

Dora Agri is the leading supplier, wholesaler, and exporter of organic compound amino acid fertilizers in china with OMRI listed. Your best choice to purchase bulk high-quality amino acid liquid & powder fertilizer at a competitive price.

Amino Acid Fertilizer Powder

Dora AminoPoly 80 is an organic polypeptide amino acid fertilizer that contains a mixture of amino acids and small peptides derived from protein hydrolysates using the enzymatic hydrolysis method. (OMRI Listed)

It’s 100% water-soluble and provides organic nitrogen in small peptides form, which is more comfortable to be absorbed by the plant. It can improve the efficiency of fertilizers, increase plant vigor/root growth, and increase plant stress resistance.

Due to its high viscosity, it’s very suitable for use as a foliar fertilizer, and it also can act as natural chelating agents of trace elements. Usually, we used amino acids fertilizer mixing with other water-soluble nutrients to maximize the using effect.


  1. Increase the formation of photosynthesis and chlorophyll and increase the conversion rate of light energy.
  2. Increase the protein, sugar, and vitamin content in the plant, stimulate protein synthesis and improve crop production & quality.
  3. It can quickly promote absorption and utilization through leaves and roots.
  4. Improving the plant’s ability to resist drought, cold and diseases, and effectively reducing the adverse weather conditions and environmental impact on crops.





Yellow Powder

Total N


Organic N






Amino acid


Small Peptides

Application Recommendation

Foliar spray at the rate is 1:1500-2000, 1.5 kg/ha every time;
Root irrigation rate : 1:1200-1500
Recommendation: Apply 3-4 times every season according to the crop season. Root Irrigation methods include spray irrigation, drip irrigation, and flow irrigation.

Field Trial

Dora AminoPoly 80 on grape

1. Use on Table Grape

1. During May 2016- September, Jiangsu LiYuan Vineyard launched the Dora Polypeptide Aminoacids test on grape leaves.

Researchers found that Dora Polypeptide Amino acids can increase grape yield by 5.2-6.8%, and also obviously improve the taste and quality of grapes.

Dora AminoPoly 80 on wheat

2. Use on Wheat

2. We proceed with foliar spraying at three different stages of wheat growth(tillering, jointing booting, early filling). The foliar spray dilution rate is 1:1500, and the dosage is 1.5kg/ha every time.

As we see in the picture, the treated plant shows the potential for yield and quality improvement. The high concentrated N(14.3%) is undoubtedly the promotion factor.

This product is original from vegetables, 100% soluble powder ensures it easy to applied or matched.

amino acid fertilizer for durian

3. Use on Durian

After applying enough basal fertilizer, durian needs to be applied with amino acid fertilizer 2-3 times a year, which is in the germination stage, fruit expansion stage and before fruit picking.

Durian fertilization is mainly the application of amino acid water-soluble fertilizer. It is convenient and fast to apply through drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and root irrigation. It will not damage the soil and root system and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.


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