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Dora Chitosan Fertilizer

Chitosan fertilizer has been widely used in plant protection, through seed coating, soil application, and foliar spraying to promote plant growth, improve immunity, and improve the soil.

chitosan fertilizer

Chitosan fertilizer is obtained by deacetylation of chitin, which is widely present in nature. Its properties belong to high molecular substances. CTS fertilizer has antibacterial activity and is widely used in agriculture, medicine, food, cosmetics, water treatment, and other aspects.

Disease control is the application direction of chitosan fertilizer in agriculture. Due to its antibacterial properties, chitosan has been widely used in plant protection, through seed coating, soil application, and foliar spraying to promote plant growth, improve immunity, and improve the soil.

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Chitosan Fertilizer Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of action mainly divided into the following three aspects:

Plant resistance activation: Chitosan molecules work by triggering various physiological and morphological responses in plants, establishing a natural immune mechanism. Plant resistance activation can help reduce pesticide use.
For example, CTS fertilizer induces the plant’s immune response, thereby increasing its response to pathogen invasion, reducing plant diseases and reducing the amount of pesticide used.

Stimulate germination: Chitosan can stimulate seed germination. Chitosan soaking or coating can change the permeability of the outer membrane of the seed, increase the concentration of sugar and proline, and increase the enzyme activity. Makes the seedlings thrive.

Natural nematicides: The application of chitosan fertilizer in the soil can effectively kill nematodes. It inhibits the breeding of nematodes by inducing the breakdown of chitin that destroys the epidermis of nematodes and their eggs.

CTS fertilizer can be widely used in economic crops such as potato, cabbage, corn, rice, melon, tomato, lettuce, and rape.




Testing Results


Off-white or light yellow powder



Adding CuC4H4O6 TS and  heating a brick-red or deep brown precipitate is formed


DAC degree












Bulk Density



 Acid-insoluble Substance









Heavy Metals



Mesh Size

Meets the requirements

100%through 80 mesh

Total Plate Count

≤1,000 cfu/g

50 cfu/g

Yeast & Mold

≤100 cfu/g

10 cfu/g

Chitosan Fertilizer Advantages

  • Control insects and help crop resist diseases.
  • Decompose trace metal elements in the soil.
  • Enhance plant immunity and promote plant health.
  • Improve yield and quality.
  • Compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers.

Chitosan Fertilizer Application

1. High antimicrobial activity

One of the most important proprieties of chitosan is its high antimicrobial activity against a wide variety of microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

The inhibition was observed at different pathogen development stages such as mycelial growth, sporulation, spore viability and germination, and on the production of fungal virulence factors.

Dora chitosan defend plant diseases

2. Induce plant resistance

Chitosan fertilizer at low molecular weight acts as a powerful biotic elicitor,
It’s able to induce plant defense responses and to activate different pathways that increase the crop resistance to diseases. By activating a plant’s immune system which prevents pathogen invasion and bad external environment.

Chitosan SAR

3. Used on seed treatment

Chitosan fertilizer has a high molecular weight, it confers to chitosan biopolymer characteristics so that it can be used as a film, forming physical barriers around the seeds preventing the pathogen infection.

Besides, chitosan fertilizer has the ability of high antimicrobial activity and eliciting plant resistance, so it has widely used on seed treatment.

chitosan seed treatment

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