Chitosan Oligosaccharide for Plants

Chitosan oligosaccharides are smaller, soluble fragments of chitosan produced through enzymatic or chemical hydrolysis, making them more readily absorbable by plants compared to their larger chitosan counterparts.

Dora Agri is your go-to supplier, wholesaler, and exporter of high-quality agricultural chitosan oligosaccharide products in China. If you’re looking to buy water-soluble chitosan oligosaccharide powder and liquid in bulk, we offer competitive pricing and reliable quality.

Registered as a “plant inducer” by the Ministry of Agriculture, our chitosan oligosaccharide product is recognized for its effectiveness in boosting plant immunity against diseases and stress. It’s particularly beneficial for a variety of crops including tomatoes, peppers, coffee, tobacco, and cannabis.

Given the environmental concerns with traditional chemical pesticides and the regulatory limits on plant growth regulators, our product stands out as a safe and sustainable biological option for disease control in plants. It’s a non-toxic and biodegradable solution, making it not just plant-friendly, but eco-friendly too.


For now, Chitosan oligosaccharide is widely used in

Seed Pretreatment – Enhancing disease resistance and strengthening seedlings.

Soil Treatment – Preventing harmful pathogens and nematodes, improving soil condition, and stimulating root growth.

Foliar Spraying – Inducing crops’ immunity to stress and diseases.

Specification of Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Dora Sailor is a product based on chitosan oligosaccharide. Its ingredient is COS (Chitosan Oligosaccharide), which is derived through an enzymatic hydrolysis process. This product features outstanding water solubility, high biological activity, and is easily absorbed and utilized by crops.




Molecular weight

Dora Sailor Powder

Yellow Powder


<2000 Dalton

Dora Sailor Liquid

Brown Liquid


<2000 Dalton

water soluble chitosan oligosaccharide products

Features of Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

  • Molecular Weight<2000 Dalton, High activity
  • Excellent Water Solubility & Flowability
  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology, Eco-friendly

Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide Benefits

1. Increase Seed Germination

After seed treatment, COS can not only improve seed vigor and germination rates but also stimulate the seed’s immune and growth systems, thereby enhancing disease resistance and growth rates.

It has been demonstrated that when applied to ryegrass seed, COS increases the germination index by 33.5% and the vitality index by 59.5%.

2. Increase Immunity Ability to Stress & Diseases

For stress, chitosan oligosaccharide can induce a general regulation of endogenous hormones in plants.

  • It improves the plant’s water-retaining capacity,
  • Increases resistance to cold and drought,
  • Helps damaged plants recover.

For diseases, chitosan oligosaccharide can thicken the plant’s cell walls and rapidly induce defense reactions against a variety of viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

Especially with viral diseases, chitosan oligosaccharide can prevent the occurrence of viral infections and inhibit the spread of the virus to new leaves during an outbreak.

3. Improve Soil Micro-environment

To control harmful nematodes, applying Chitosan oligosaccharide to the soil is sufficient. This substance can stimulate the proliferation of chitinolytic microbes that degrade the cuticle of nematode eggs.

To increase the growth of plant-beneficial rhizobacteria, apply Chitosan oligosaccharide (COS). Upon application, beneficial microbes can proliferate rapidly and their activity becomes stimulated, greatly contributing to the development of a healthy soil micro-environment.

4. Promote the growth of Stems, Leaves and Fruits

The use of chitosan oligosaccharide enhances plant photosynthesis, increasing their photosynthetic rate and efficiency. For instance, treating ryegrass seedlings with a chitosan oligosaccharide solution improves the chlorophyll and soluble protein content.

Consequently, plants typically exhibit strong stem nodes, larger leaves, vibrant coloration, and vigorous, robust growth. Following the application of chitosan, the fruit set rate of eggplant, as well as other vegetables and fruit trees, generally improves, along with an increase in the weight of individual fruits.

How to use Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

1. Optimal Use Concentration

Dora Sailor Powder 
Seed Treatment: 5g for 100-200Ibs seeds   
Foliar Spray: 25-50g/ha per time, total 3-5 times 
Water Flush: 200g per 1000L water per hectare

Dora Sailor Liquid 
Seed Treatment: 50ml for 100-200Ibs seeds   
Foliar Spray: 200-500ml/ha per time, total 3-5 times
Water Flush: 350ML per 1000L water per hectare

2. Optimum Use Time

During the critical growth periods of crops, which encompass the seeding, seedling, pre-planting, post-planting, pre-flowering, expansion, and grouting phases.

Before or at the onset of adverse conditions, including cold stress, drought, waterlogging, and disease.

3. Onset Time & Effect Duration

Onset time: <30 minutes
Valid period: 24-36 hours
Effect Duration: 7-9 days

4. Safety of using Chitosan Oligosaccharide

(1) Excessive use may temporarily delay the growth of crops, but they will recover within a few days without suffering reduced yields or irreversible damage.

(2) Destructive tests on apples indicate that usage at levels 5 to 10 times the recommended amount is still safe for the crops.

Produce Department

100 tons of high-quality, agricultural-grade chitosan oligosaccharide produced every year, making us the largest and most stable supplier of chitosan raw materials in China!


Yes, Dora chitosan oligosaccharide is obtained by degrading chitosan by lactate(more environmental friendly), it’s weakly acidic.

We don’t suggest mix Dora COS with highly alkaline chemical pesticides. Formulate method suggestion: Add water first, then put in COS or other ingredients, mix together evenly, add another ingredient, mix evenly.

Normally shelf life is two years after it liquified with water or other water based carriers. And we suggest to add a little preservative.

According to 8% or 10% Ningnanmycin. Chitosan oligosaccharide: Ningnanmycin ratio 1:9 and then diluted with water 2000 times.


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