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Chitosan Oligosaccharide Products

Dora Agri is the Professional Supplier, Wholesaler, Export of Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide in China. Your best choice to purchase bulk high-quality Chitosan Oligosaccharide powder & liquid at a competitive price.

Dora Agri is the Professional Supplier, Wholesaler, Export of Agriculture Chitosan Oligosaccharide Products for Sale in China. Your best choice to purchase bulk high-quality water-soluble chitosan oligosaccharide (Cos) Powder & Liquid at a competitive price.

Chitosan Oligosaccharide Product is registered as a “plant inducer” in the Ministry of Agriculture and is also known as a “sugar chain plant vaccine”. Its mission is to activate plants’ immunity ability to diseases & stress. And it’s suitable for all crops especially tomato, pepper, coffee tree, tobacco, cannabis, etc.

Due to the high environmental risk of traditional chemical pesticides and legal restrictions on plant growth regulators. Biologicals for controlling plant diseases are highly recommended. Cos is a high-efficiency solution with the features of non-toxic, bio-degradable. 

For now, Chitosan oligosaccharide is widely used on

Seed Pretreatment – Disease resistance, strengthen seedlings

Soil Treatment – Prevent harmful pathogens and nematodes, improve soil condition, stimulate roots growth

Foliar Spraying – Induce crops’ immunity to stress & diseases

Specification of Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Dora Sailor is a chitosan oligosaccharide based product, its ingredient is Cos (enzymatic hydrolysis process), which has outstanding water-solubility, high biological activity, and easily absorbed utilized by crops.




Molecular weight

Dora Sailor Powder

Yellow Powder


<2000 Dalton

Dora Sailor Liquid

Brown Liquid


<2000 Dalton

water soluble chitosan oligosaccharide products

Features of Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

  • Molecular Weight<2000 Dalton, High activity
  • Excellent Water Solubility & Flowability
  • Enzymatic Hydrolysis Technology, Eco-friendly

Applications of Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

1. Increase Seed Germination

After seed treatment, Cos not only can improve seed vigour & germination rate but also can stimulate the seed’s immune & growth system to improve the disease-resistance & growth rate.

It has been proven that we apply on ryegrass seed, its germination index increased 33.5%, and the vitality index increased by 59.5%.

2. Increase Immunity Ability to Stress & Diseases

For Stress, chitosan oligosaccharide can induce plants’ general regulation of endogenous hormones.

  • Improve plant’s water-retaining capacity
  • increase the cold/drought-resistance
  • Help the recovery of damaged plants

For Diseases, cos can thicken the plant’s cell walls and instantly induce defence reactions to various kinds of viruses, fungus, and bacteria.

Especially on virus disease, chitosan oligosaccharide can prevent the occurrence of viral diseases and inhibit the virus from spreading to new leaves when virus outbreak.



Diseases Attribute

Control Efficiency


Mosaic disease




Downy Mildew




Blight, Bacterial Wilt

Fungus, Bacteria



Downy Mildew




Blight, Anthracnose, Fusarium wilt, Virus diseases

Fungus, Virus



Virus Diseases




Downy Mildew




Bipolaris maydis, Sporisorium reillianum




Virus diseases



3. Improve Soil Micro-environment

Control Harmful Nematodes  Apply Chitosan oligosaccharide in the soil is sufficient to control nematodes. Cos can stimulate the breeding of chitinolytic microbes to ruin the cuticle of nematodes eggs.

Increase the Growth of Plant-Beneficial Rhizobacteria. After applying Cos, beneficial microbes can quickly prosper, and their activity stimulated. Great help to build a healthy soil micro-environment.

4. Promote the growth of Stems, Leaves and Fruits

The use of chitosan oligosaccharide enhanced the photosynthesis of plants and increased their photosynthetic rate and efficiency. For example, the treatment of cos solution improved the chlorophyll and soluble protein content of ryegrass seedlings.

As a result, the plants generally showed sturdy stem nodes, enlarged leaves, bright color, vigorous growth and robustness. After using chitosan, the fruit set rate of eggplant vegetables and fruit trees were generally improved, and the weight of individual fruits increased.

How to use Dora Chitosan Oligosaccharide

1. Optimal Use Concentration

Dora Sailor Powder 
Seed Treatment: 5g for 100-200Ibs seeds   
Foliar Spray: 25-50g/ha per time, total 3-5 times 
Water Flush: 200g per 1000L water per hectare

Dora Sailor Liquid 
Seed Treatment: 50ml for 100-200Ibs seeds   
Foliar Spray: 200-500ml/ha per time, total 3-5 times
Water Flush: 350ML per 1000L water per hectare

2. Optimum Use Time

During the critical period of crop growth, including seeds, seedling period, pre or post-planting, pre-flowering, expansion or grouting, etc.

Before or at the beginning of adversity, including cold damage, drought, waterlogging, and disease;

3. Onset Time & Effect Duration

Onset time: <30 minutes
Valid period: 24-36 hours
Effect Duration: 7-9 days

4. Safety of using Chitosan Oligosaccharide

(1) Excessive use will delay the growth of crops in a short period of time and will recover in a few days without causing reduced yield and irreversible damage to the crops;
(2) Destructive tests on apples show that 5-10 times excess use is still safe for crops.

Produce Department

100 tons of high-quality agricultural grade chitosan oligosaccharide every year, the largest and most stable chitosan raw material supplier in China!


Yes, Dora chitosan oligosaccharide is obtained by degrading chitosan by lactate(more environmental friendly), it’s weakly acidic.

We don’t suggest mix Dora COS with highly alkaline chemical pesticides. Formulate method suggestion: Add water first, then put in COS or other ingredients, mix together evenly, add another ingredient, mix evenly.

Normally shelf life is two years after it liquified with water or other water based carriers. And we suggest to add a little preservative.

According to 8% or 10% Ningnanmycin. Chitosan oligosaccharide: Ningnanmycin ratio 1:9 and then diluted with water 2000 times.


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