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Dora Releaf

Dora Releaf is a perfect enzymolytic blend fertilizer of fish protein and seaweed extract, retains natural plant growth substances, suitable for organic farming.

  • Designed for quick foliar application
  • Rich in natural hormones, trace elements
  • Sufficient organic matter, long-term effect.

Dora Releaf – Organic Fish and Seaweed Blend Fertilizer brings you the best of all-round products in a perfect blend of organic fish protein and pure seaweed extract. This new blend fertilizer perfectly retains the essence of fresh fish from the deep sea and cold water seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum. Due to the unique Low-temperature enzymatic hydrolysis technology and stable production process. Dora Releaf retains more natural substances in seaweed such as vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones, and also contains small peptides and micronutrients from deep-sea fish.

Everything we do is to make the new blend fertilizer achieve the effect of 1+1>2. In reality, this fish and seaweed blend fertilizer is an organic treasure trove. Compared with other fish and seaweed fertilizers, it has a better effect on promoting plant growth, rooting, color and vitality, and increase plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions. And nutrients are more easily absorbed by crops.

If you have any interest in this perfect enzymolytic blend fertilizer, please feel free to contact us at or Whatsapp.



Reddish-brown liquid


Fishy soy sauce

Alginic acid (%)


Natural Organic Matters (%)


Total protein (%)


Small peptide




Water insoluble (%)


Features of Fish Seaweed Fertilizer

  • Active microorganisms in the soil, establish a healthy root growth condition.
  • Stimulate dark green leaves, and promote photosynthesis.
  • Contains essential nutrients and natural growth hormones to promote crop growth, relieve stress.
  • Increase the sugar content of the plant.
  • Increase the saleable yield of crops.

How to Apply Dora Releaf

Add 1L Fish and Seaweed Blend Fertilizer to 500L-600L water and apply with a sprayer. Apply 3-4 times during the seedling stage, vegetative growth period and fruit sitting stage, at 7-10 days intervals.

Soil Preparation

Seedling Stage

Vegetative Growth

Fruit setting/EnlargeColoring

Fruit Trees

Drip irrigation: 6-10L per 800-1000L water per Ha

Foliar Spray: 1L per 500L water

Foliar Spray: 1-1.5L per 500L water

Foliar Spray: 1L per 600-800L water

Economic Crops

Drip irrigation: 6-8L per 800-1000L water per Ha

Foliar Spray/Sprinkling irrigation: 1L per 500L water

Foliar Spray/Sprinkling irrigation: 1L per 500L water

Foliar Spray/Sprinking Irrigation: 0.8L per 600L water

Horticulture Crops

Drip Irrigation: 5-8L per 800-1000L water per Ha

Foliar Spray/Sprinkling irrigation: 1L per 600L water

Foliar Spray/Sprinking irrigation: 1-1.5L per 600L water


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