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Forchlorfenuron CPPU

Forchlorfenuron(CPPU) has the activity of phytokinin, but the activity is higher than 6-BA, trans-zeatin, 2,4-d. Mainly used in flowers, young fruit, can make the fruit fluffy, improve the yield, improve the quality of the fruit.

  1. Promoting cell division;
  2. Induce differentiation on the buds and break the top advantage;
  3. Promote the synthesis of chlorophyll, thereby delaying the process of leaf wilting;
  4. Promote bud flowering and splitting of fruit strains.

Forchlorfenuron (CPPU) is a phenylurea cytokinin, It’s a high plant growth regulator widely used in agriculture and horticulture to increase the fruit size of fruits, such as kiwi, watermelon, and table grapes, to promote cell division, improve fruit quality and increase yield. It has a synergistic effect with natural plant auxins and can promote plant cell division and lateral growth.

After a large number of tests show that CPPU is excellent for kiwi, grapes, watermelons, cucumbers, umbilical oranges, honey oranges, pears, apples, lychees, can increase production by 10%-50%.

Dora Agri is the leading supplier of Forchlorfenuron (CPPU) in China. General specifications are 1%SP, 2%SP, 99%TC. We have exported to the USA, Australia, Italia, Spain, and South American countries for over 18 years.


Product Name

Forchlorfenuron CPPU KT-30

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Structural formula

CPPU structural formula



Assay (%)


Melting Point (℃)


Residues after ignition (%)


Loss on drying (%)



White Crystal

Shelf life

2 years


1KG/Bag 25KG/Drum


1. Promote the growth of plants: Forchlorfenuron increases new buds and accelerates the formation of buds. At the same time, it promotes the growth function of stems, leaves, roots, and fruits. The use of forchlorfenuron increased the growth of buds by 290% compared to the control group. Used for tobacco planting, it has the effect of reducing plant height, increasing leaf area and leaf weight, and can increase the economic benefits of planting tobacco.

2. Promote cell division and fruit expansion: KT-30 obviously promotes the division of cells and promotes the horizontal growth and vertical growth of organs, thereby expanding the fruit. It can increase the production of tomatoes, eggplants, apples, and other fruits and vegetables. For navel oranges, spray the crown with 500 times the liquid or coat the stalk honey plate with 100 times the liquid during the physiological fruit drop period. The young fruit of kiwi fruit shall be immersed in 50-100 times liquid for 20-25 days after the flower has died. The grapes are dipped 10 to 100 times the young fruit with 10 to 100 times of liquid 10 to 15 days after flowering to increase the fruit setting rate, the fruit size, and the single fruit weight increases. Improved quality and uniform fruit size.

3. Delay leaf-senescence: Forchlorfenuron can prolong leaf greening time, promote chlorophyll synthesis, improve photosynthesis, and promote leaf color deepening and greening.


CPPU is a new type of high-efficiency plant growth regulator, which can be made into oil solutions. Leaf spraying can make the fruit expand rapidly, the fruit swelling rate is generally about 60%.

10~20 days after flowering, dip young fruits once with 0.1% soluble liquid agent 20 ml in 2 kg of water, which can make the fruit swell and increase the fruit weight without affecting the fruit quality.

10~15 days after flowering, use 0.1% CPPU soluble liquid 70~200 times to dip bunch of young grapes to improve fruit set rate, fruit enlargement, weight gain and increase soluble solids content.It is more effective when mixed with gibberellin.

On the day of flowering or the day before, spray the baby melon fetus with forchlorfenuron solution (KT-30), which can increase the sitting rate and yield. It is often used to solve the abortion problem due to low temperature and rain, and no insect pollination.

After picking, spray or soak the fruit with 100 times the 0.1% soluble liquid agent, and dry it for storage, which can extend the storage period.


  • Normal Packing: 1KG/Al.Bag 25KG/Drum 
  • Support Packaging Customization
Forchlorfenuron CPPU Packing
CPPU Packing


  1. It should be used in strict accordance with the prescribed period, concentration, and method, excessive concentration may cause hollow fruit, deformed fruit, and may affect the vitamin C content in the fruit.
  2. After adding water to forchlorfenuron solution, it should be used daily, and the efficacy will be reduced after long-term storage. When it rains within 6 hours after application, it should be re-applied.
  3. Can be mixed with gibberellin acid.



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