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Propyl Dihydrojasmonate (PDJ)

Feature of Propyl Dihydrojasmonate

1. Good safety, It will not cause soft fruit and drop.
2. The fruit is naturally colored.
3. Increase the sugar-acid ratio, improve fruit color, and increase fruit quality.
4. Promote the coloring of the fruit while preventing disease and disease. It is resistant to many fungi, bacteria, and pathogenic diseases that are easy to damage the fruit.

This PGR product is intended solely for theoretical agricultural research purposes. At present, Dora Agri does not offer these products for sale, and the links with specification provided are for purchaser reference only. Should you have an interest in exploring our other bio-stimulant products, please proceed to home page.

Propyl dihydrojasmonate (PDJ) is a kind of synthetic jasmonic acid derivative. Compared with MeJA, PDJ is considered to be a more practical jasmonic acid compound because of its good chemical stability, long duration of physiological effects, and easy absorption by plants.

In the United States, Propyl dihydrojasmonate has been applied to the production of apples and grapes to promote the accumulation of anthocyanins and improve the color of the fruit.

Dora Agri is the supplier of Propyl dihydrojasmonate technical grade and formulation. Specialized in apple & grape color enhancement field for more than 5 years. If have any problems of fruits color enhancement, please feel free to contact us.

Dora Prohydrojasmon

Feedbacks on apples: On September 10th 2019, Dora Agri cooperated with apple farms in baoding, hebei province. The test result have shown that after propyl dihydrojasmonate treatment, the anthocyanin content of the apple fruit is significantly increased, the coloring is significantly enhanced, and the fruit ripening period is significantly shorter than CK group.

This field trial have shown that spraying prohydrojasmon on Gala apples 16 days before the harvest can maximize the apple redness index. In general, applying prohydrojasmon within two weeks before the apple fruit harvest is the most beneficial to promote apple coloring.

Propyl dihydrojasmonate PDJ on apple

Field trial on grapes: On May 2017, Our customers from Mexico applied 96% prohydrojasmon on table grape. The results have shown that after using 50mg/L 96% Propyl dihydrojasmonate, all the indicators of grape berries have produced significant changes. The anthocyanin content is increased by 8%, the soluble solid content is increased by 10%, and the acid content is significantly reduced by 12%. The ratio is increased by 23%, the single-grain weight is increased by 8%, and the coloring period is 5-6 days earlier;

96% Prohydrojasmon has significant effects of increasing sugar and reducing acidity, enhancing grape color and improving fruit quality. It also can improve the cold, drought and virus resistance ability of table grape.

Propyl Dihydrojasmonate on grape

Specification of Propyl dihydrojasmonate

Commercial Name

Dora Redden

Common Name (ISO)

Propyl dihydrojasmonate

Chemical Name


Cas No.


Empirical Formula


Molecular Weight



Colorless or light yellow transparent oil


96% & 5% Prohydrojasmon

Structural Formula

Propyl dihydrojasmonate structural formula

Mechanism of Propyl dihydrojasmonate

PDJ is a derivative of the plant endogenous hormone jasmonic acid, which is similar in structure to the natural plant regulator jasmonic acid, with the same function and similar mode of action.

The endogenous hormone jasmonic acid as a plant stress resistance substance can be rapidly spread and expressed in plants and release signals that promote the synthesis of endogenous ethylene and abscisic acid in plants, thereby promoting the synthesis and early expression of endogenous ethylene and abscisic acid in plants. Catalyzes the synthesis of fruit anthocyanins and carotene, enhances the accumulation of anthocyanins, and improves the antioxidant capacity of fruits.

Spraying propyl dihydrojasmonate aims to provide plant endogenous jasmonic acid analogues, shorten the ripening period of plant fruits, increase crop stress response, quickly absorb nutrients, provide a sufficient amount of dry matter accumulation for fruits, and promote peel color and fruit soluble sugar accumulation.

Why Choose Prohydrojasmon for Color Enhancement

The difference between propyl dihydrojasmonate and other grape colorants on the market:



Ethephon DA-6

Propyl dihydrojasmonate

Usage time

Start using the grapes after 10% coloring

Can be used at the beginning of the grape color turning stage

Can be used at the grape berry stage


Grape coloration fast, don’t affect leaf photosynthesis and quality of fruit

The coloring effect can be seen in about seven days, easy to use

PDJ is not a pesticide. It can be sprayed on the whole plant and the color is even. It can promote grapes color enhancement, and promote the grape ripening.


It belongs to pesticide and can only be sprayed on the surface of the peel. Improper use will cause uneven coloring, and excessive amount will cause fruit particles to fall off

Belonging to pesticides, it is easy to cause the leaves to age, and the concentration is too large to cause the fruit to fall off

The coloring speed of grapes is relatively slow

Method of Application

After the fruit has just passed the swelling stage and entered the berry stage, start to use PDJ for the first time, spray the whole plant, and then spray it again 7-14 days later to make the crop fruit turn color 10-14 days earlier.

If the fruit has entered the color conversion period and the coloring area exceeds 10%-20%, double the use of PDJ, spray the whole plant, and spray again after 7-14 days to make the crop fruit change color 10-14 days in advance.

When the fruit coloring area exceeds 10%-20%, the whole plant will be sprayed, and the color will gradually start to change within 48 hours, and the color will be obvious after 96 hours. Then, after spraying again, the crop will change color by more than 80% within 10 days.

If the fruit has entered the late stage of color change, and the coloring area exceeds 50%-60%, spray PDJ or directly spray the fruit on the whole plant to make the fruit change more than 90% in 4 days.


  • Spray before 8 am and after 5 pm, the effect of spraying in the morning is better.
  • Please pay attention to bacterial and fungal diseases in rainy weather. Don’t use it when the disease is severe. You need to use it after the crop disease is treated.
  • The color change effect of PDJ is better when there is plenty of sunlight.


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