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Dora Potassium Humate

Dora Potassium humate is formed by the reaction of humic acid (from highly active weathered coal)and potassium hydroxide, with strong solubility.

It is alkaline and with a variety of active groups, it has various functions such as ion exchange, adsorption, complexation, flocculation, dispersion, and adhesion. It is widely used in agriculture and other industries.

Features of Dora Potassium Humate

  1. Quick solubility in water
  2. Extract from highly active weathered coal
  3. High content of active groups
  4. Stable spot supply

Specification of Potassium Humate

Humic HQ

AppearanceBlack Powder


Humic acid≥65%
Fulvic acid≥10%

Humic Eco


Black Powder

Humic acid (dry base)        


Water Soluble


Potassium (As K2O)


Application Recommend

  • Soil application: 25~50/KG/Ha/time, apply 1~2 times during seedling stage and growth stage.
  • Foliar Application: 2KG/Ha/time, apply 3~4 times during seedling stage and growth stage.


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